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Monday, 24 October 2016



Tuai Won Char
in foochow
simply means "Big Bowl Fried Vegetable"

This is a common dish
in the Chinese Community


different dialects
have their special ingredients added if I am not wrong

Foochow ancestors
live by the seaside
so the ingredients automatically include seafood
like prawns, sea cucumber and cuttle fish

Another must have
is the fried bean curd skin and glass noodles

As for other
types and amount of ingredients put in
varies according to availability 
during that time

This dish is served
during celebrations especially Chinese New Year
where there is abundance of food 

To get a taste of all food available
simply put them together
present it in a big bowl
everyone can pick what they want to eat 
from this big bowl 
during family re-union

A great idea isn't it?

Tuai Won Char

green leafy vegetables (I use chye sin flowers)
chinese long cabbage
carrot, sliced
cuttle fish (I use sea cucumber)
dried bean curd skin (DO NOT WASH)
glass noodles, soaked & drained
black fungus, soaked & shredded
mushroom (I use dried ones, soaked & shredded)
gingko nuts
pork, sliced or minced
shallots, shredded
2 slices of ginger
oyster sauce
pepper & soya sauce 

1) heat some oil in the kuali, fry dried bean curd, remove 
2) add shallots & fry till fragrant, remove
3) add ginger slice and fry until fragrant
4) add pork, carrots, mushrooms, black fungus, gingko nuts & fry
5) add prawns, cuttle fish and the rest of the vegetables
6) add water & let cook until ready
7) add the remaining ingredients, fried bean curd skin & fried shallots
8) add oyster sauce, soya sauce & pepper to taste
9) serve hot

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