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Sunday, 23 October 2016


is egg in Foochow

Lonn Yen
simply means egg noodles

My mom used to cook very often as meals for the family
My mother-in-law would cook a big pot
for the whole family during Chinese New Year

Lonn Yen 
is a typical Foochow dish

It is their very own version of noodles
just like other dialects' Ban Miang

Lonn Yen is made with tapioca flour
After kneading, it is diluted and then pan fried,
cut into strips
and then cooked in a soup

If you are interested,
I gladly share with you this recipe

Lonn Yen

200g tapioca flour
40g plain flour
1 large egg, lightly beaten
240ml (1 cup water)

1. combine both flours in a basin
2. add beaten egg and 100ml water SLOWLY to bind the flour
3. continue with kneading the flour until it forms a smooth dough
4. cover & leave aside for 10min
5. after 10min, using a hand whisk SLOWLY mix in 100ml water
6. check for consistency, it should be relatively thin batter for making pancake
7. more water can be added if necessary
8. heat a wok or pan, lightly oil the pan (for 1st pancake only)
9. scoop batter & pour into the heated pan, swirl pan to cover a larger area
10. when the side begins to curl, turn to the other side & fry until slightly browned
11. remove & fry the next pancake without adding oil to pan
12. stack up the pancakes to cool
13. when cooled, roll up pancake individually & use a scissors to cut to the thickness you like
14. open up into strips & air the lonn yen

Lonn Yen Soup

chye sin (any green leafy veg. will do)
ikan billies 
minced or sliced pork 
2 slices ginger
stock or chicken granules
salt & pepper to taste

1. fry shallots in some cooking oil, remove
2. fry ikan bilis until crispy, remove
3. fry ginger, and sliced pork if you are using 
4. add enough stock or water to make soup, bring to a boil
5. add minced pork, prawns, vegetables & chicken granules
6. when ready to serve, add lonn yen, fried ikan bilis & fried shallots
7. enjoy

1. more eggs can be added to make lonn yen, but need to adjust water accordingly
2. Lonn yen, after air dried, can be frozen until required
3. lonn yen soup is individual, can be adapted to your own taste buds
4. just like miang siang, the lonn yen must be consumed immediately after cooking in soup to avoid expanding
5. ginger is a must because lonn yen is cooling because of tapioca flour


BiBi C.Bbc from Facebook said...

Will give it a try soon ! ��
October 24 at 8:59am

Katie Foong: Have you tried this before?
The noodles practically slide down your throat! If you bite it,
it is QQ!
October 24 at 9:02am ·

BiBi C. Bbc: I haven't at all.
That's why I'm looking forward to try it.
Perhaps sometime this week.

Sherry Peris from Facebook said...

Looks quite similar to Pan mee but its has tapioca flour in yours.
Very interesting...must try yours
October 24 at 11:10am ·

Katie Foong: Oh, afterall this dish is not so popular!
So many have not tried it.

Meg Tan from Facebook said...

October 24 at 11:37am

Katie Foong: Foochow dish, even sold in China, Foochow

Choi My from Facebook said...

Awesome, my Foochew's staff told me, it is very yummy!
if you have tried this, you won't like pan mee anymore ,
added to do list. Tks Katie
October 24 at 1:19pm

Katie Foong: Haha! Those who do not like kueh Teow flat noodles
may not like this because it is softer and smoother than kueh Teow ,
October 24 at 1:26pm