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Sunday, 4 September 2016


Shi Chuan Da Bu Tang

consists of 10 herbs
'brewed' with duck or chicken

as a health tonic or soup
for the whole family

My grandmother
 usually boiled a very big pot 
whenever she knew we were coming back to Sitiawan to visit her 
so big that we could not finish at one go

Often times she would cook mee sua
to eat with it too

Instead of a chicken
she would cook with a very big white duck
which she reared in her backyard

We really enjoyed the big big bowl of chunks of duck meat in black soup
the taste is beyond description

Childhood is always the best time
as it brings back fond memories of place, food and people
every thing is so so good

1 pkt Shi Chuan Da Bu Tang
1 chicken, chopped

1) rinse herbs & put into a slow cooker
2) pour boiling water into the cooker, and put on HIGH
3) when boils, add chicken & continue boiling for another 2 hours
4) serve hot

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