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Sunday, 25 September 2016


Original Nonya Kueh
is difficult to get nowadays

As such
I like to try my hands on these traditional kueh

Nonya 9 Layer Kueh

is my childhood favourite
because of its attractive colour:
layers of multi-colour with RED top

instead of holding the kueh and biting into it
I like to eat layer by layer
this way I can have more bites

Kelly Yip has this recipe to share with us

Nonya 9 Layer Kueh

A. 350g Tapioca flour
     100g rice flour

B. 500 ml water
     260g sugar
     1 pandan leaf
     500 ml coconut milk with a pinch of salt

C. colouring

1. mix together A & leave aside
2. In a pot boil water, sugar & pandan leaves until sugar dissolved. 
3. Turn off heat, remove pandan leaf & stir in coconut milk & leave aside to cool
4. when cooled, blend in dry ingredients A with a whisk, strain the mixture
5. divide batter into 3 portions & add desired colouring, leaving 1 portion white
6. grease a 7" square pan and heat in steamer for few minutes on HIGH heat
7. pour about 100 ml colour batter into heated pan, make sure the batter fully cover the base. Cover & steam for 4 min or until cooked
8. repeat procedure, alternating the colour until completed 9 layers
9. after pour in the last layer, steam for 8-12 min 
10. leave kueh to cool completely before cutting with greased knife.

1. always add boiling water to steamer while adding a new layer. Do not add water           when the layer is half way cooking
2. set 4 min timing with a timer. Each layer must be cooked or set before adding the         next.
3. I find that the kuih can be removed from its pan more easily when I line the pan           with parchment & oil the parchment paper.

Instead of the colourful
 9 layer kueh
I have used pandan juice as colouring
alternating green & white
making some adjustments to the recipe as follows

I divided the recipe in half
& prepare separately 2 colours
white: same method
green: pandan juice to replace water

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