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Wednesday, 28 September 2016



I have been preparing 
simple Green Pea Dessert
for a long long time

Never did I realise that I could make it so delicious
my son-in-law's mom, Ivy
gave me one bowl to try

She has changed the simple dessert
to one that is flavorful and colorful
by adding
red dates & dried longan

Thank you Ivy for the recipe 

A. 100g green pea, rinsed
     2 pandan leaves, knotted
     4 bowls of water

B. 1 Tbsp sago pearls
     4-5 red dates, snipped half
     10 dried longan
     rock sugar to taste

1. combine A and bring to a boil, continue to simmer
2. when green pea starts to open, remove pandan leaves.
3. add rinsed sago pearls, red dates and longan, continue simmering
4. when the liquid thickens, add rock sugar to taste
5. serve warm


Kelly Yip from Facebook said...

I use only green pea n rock sugar haha
September 29 at 10:41am

Katie Foong: So you also have a new recipe .
I think it is good because red dates & longan help to 'reduce' the 'coolness' in green pea
September 29 at 10:49am

Evelyn MengChoo from Facebook said...

Like kelly i only use green pea, rock sugar n pandan leaves.
It taste watery. Now i have a good combination. Thks.
September 29 at 5:56pm

Katie Foong: A new recipe for you.