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Sunday, 25 September 2016



a rich bun 
 yet spongy and soft

so flavourful that you cannot stop at one piece

Thank you Mandy Ng for the recipe here:


I have adjusted the sugar content to 80g
while all other ingredients remain the same

1) mix milk dough ingredients & let rest 1 hour
2) when time is up, mix the main dough separately
3) combine the 2 doughs and knead in bread machine, bread dough cycle 1.5hrs
4) when ready, transfer to a big container. Cover, and leave in fridge overnight
5) next day remove from fridge & shape the dough
6) it will be sticky, so use flour on working table
7) the dough is enough for 2 small loaves & 8 brioche
8) bake in preheated oven 175'C, brioche 20 min but loaves need 35 min

2 small loaves


Khaw Felicia from Facebook said...

So cute brioche .... Love the golden Color
September 26 at 1:54pm

Katie Foong: thank you
September 26 at 1:56pm

Janet Teo from Facebook said...

Wow so nice you have bakery chef hands��
September 26 at 2:41pm

Katie Foong: Thank you. It is practice makes perfect la
September 26 at 3:38pm

Mah Ang Chin from Facebook said...

Katie, after we shape the dough the second day, do we need to rest the dough for 1 hour before baking?
September 26 at 2:49pm

Katie Foong: Yes, rest until it doubles in size!
September 26 at 3:37pm

Melinda Ooi from Facebook said...

Nice brioche u make
September 26 at 4:04pm

Katie Foong: Thank you
September 26 at 4:07pm

Sandra Lingham from Facebook said...

Felt like eating .well done!
September 26 at 6:18pm

Katie Foong: Thank you
September 27 at 9:38am

Paulyn Chong from Facebook said...

nice shaping, mine was lopsided,
September 26 at 7:35pm

Katie Foong: I proof it in the muffin cup, haha!
September 27 at 9:17am