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Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Ngoh Heang
spoken in Hokkien is 5 spices
which is the flavour of this meat rolls

It is popular among the Hokkien community
so much so that it has become a famous dish among the Chinese
especially the meat lovers

is another name for these fragrant meat rolls
given by the people in Penang

I have the recipe taken from here

Ngoh Heang
1/2 sheet large dried beancurd skin, cut into 6"X9" size

500g minced pork
100g turnip, diced
60g onion, diced
2 tsp 5 spice powder
1/3 tsp pepper
2 tsp salt
2 tsp light soya sauce
5 tsp sugar
2 Tbsp corn starch
1 egg
5 sprigs spring onions, cut into 1/2" length
glue to seal, flour+water

1) mix all ingredients
2) spoon the mixture onto a piece of beancurd skin
3) roll the beancurd skin & seal the edges with glue to secure
4) deep fry rolls over low heat till golden brown
5) drain on paper towel & serve warm

Monday, 16 January 2017


Nian Gao
A must for the Chinese New year celebration
especially the elderly

Nian Gao 
has the same sound as
'Every year growing'
for children, it means growing taller every year
for businesses, it means going to new heights every year

Such an auspicious word
how can one miss it!

Nian Gao
200g glutinous rice flour
200g caster sugar
150g water

To prepare tins for steaming:
1. line tins or ramkins with either scalded banana leaves or parchment paper
2. if you are using banana leaves, make it double layer & secure with strings
3. Parchment paper can be easily removed from Nian Gao after 2 or 3 days

To prepare batter:
1) put 100g sugar into a small saucepan, heat up slowly to caramel
2) stir if you need to, to get a nice golden colour evenly
3) when sugar has melted, add a few spoons of water (from the 150g water), 
     Do not stir, switch off heat & allow it to cool
4) when it is almost cooled, add the balance of water into this syrup. stir to combine
5) mix glutinous rice flour & remaining sugar, slowly pour in the diluted syrup
6) mix well until fully combined. 
6) leave aside for 10-15min, stirring occasionally to make sure the sugar is dissolved
    and the flour has fully incorporated
7) pour into prepared ramkins & steam in a slow cooker for 7-8 hours

When the Nian Gao has cooled down overnight
you can remove the gao from the container & trim the leaves

If you are eager to taste it,
1) buy some fresh grated coconut
2) mix in some salt, toss well
3) use a pair of chopsticks to twist out some gao
4) coat it with the grated coconut like this:


Sunday, 15 January 2017


I like Copycat recipes

Thank you Diana Gale for this recipe
These cookies are crumbly,
smell and taste
like the Famous Amos Chocolate Cookies

Copycat Famous Amos Chocolate Cookies
A) 120g unsalted butter, at room temperature
     30g shortening
     50g caster sugar
     100g brown sugar
     1 egg
     1/2 tsp vanilla extract

B) 220g plain flour, sifted with
     1/2 tsp baking powder
     1/2 tsp baking soda
     1/2 tsp salt
C) 250g chocolate chips 

1. cream butter, shortening, sugars until light & fluffy
2. add egg & vanilla, mix until combined
3. add sifted dry ingredients in 2 batches, mix until just combined
4. fold in chocolate chips
5. scoop about 2 tsp dough onto a lined baking tray
6. bake in preheated oven 170'C for 8-10min until lightly brown
7. cool on tray for 5 min before transferring to wire rack to cool completely

Thursday, 12 January 2017


These little Roselle Tarts
are quite similar to pineapple tarts in making.

We are all familiar with Pineapple Tarts
which is an all-time favourite
during Chinese New Year.

How about a change for this Chinese New Year?

I have adapted the pastry
from the the Pineapple Tarts recipe
shared by Fiona Lau of baking's corner.

This pastry is crumbly 
has a strong butter flavour

Roselle Tarts
A) 100g all purpose flour
     100g cake flour
     40g milk powder
     10g corn flour
     30g icing sugar
     1/2 tsp salt

B) 135g SCS butter, cold cubed
     1 egg yolk
     1/4 tsp vanilla extract

300g Roselle Filling, rolled into 5g balls
Glaze: 1 egg yolk+2 tsp water

1. sift plain flour, corn flour, icing sugar & milk powder into a bowl, mix in salt
2. cut butter into flour mixture, mix with finger tips to form coarse bread crumbs
3. make in well in the centre, add mixture of egg yolk & vanilla extract
4. bind the ingredients to a soft dough, do not over-knead. Leave dough in fridge for 30min
5. remove dough from fridge. Roll pastry between 2 plastic sheet to 5mm thickness
6. cut into shape with pineapple tart mould and fill centre with roselle jam
7. place on lines baking tray & bake for about 20-25min in preheated oven 175'C
8. cool tarts on wire rack & store in air tight container.

Roselle Filling: 375g fresh roselle flowers
                           70g sugar
                           250g water
                           1/2 lemon

1. remove & discard seeds from roselle, rinse
2. remove skin & chop flesh of lemon
3. bring roselle, lemon flesh, water to a boil
4. continue cooking @ low heat, stir from time to time
5. when water has reduced, add sugar & continue cooking, stirring
6. cook till mixture comes together into a lump, remove & let cool


Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I like Pandan Coconut Chiffon Cake,
and I also like Wu Pao Chun's Champion Toast.
Since I like them both,
why not combine them into one? I asked myself.

So, here I am introducing to you this
light green toast 
which has the fragrant of Pandan Coconut Chiffon
the spongy soft texture of Wu Pao Chun's Champion Toast

Before baking
After baking

Pandan Coconut Toast
230g bread flour
25g butter
30g sugar
3g salt
3g yeast
25g egg (1/2 egg)
40g coconut milk
85g pandan juice

1. put all ingredients into bread machine, bread dough cycle 1.5Hrs
2. punch down & divide into 3 portions & shape into balls
3. arrange balls in an oiled loaf pan & allow to rise until double
4. bake in preheated oven 170'C for 40-45min until done.


We love melt-in-the-mouth cookies.
I have this little Roselle Bites 
to share with you.

When you bite into these mini cakes,
you will be surprised to taste the sweet and a little sour roselle filling.

However, roselle filling is bright red 
which is an auspicious colour for the Chinese New Year!

I have adapted this recipe from Sonia a.k.a. Nasi Lemak's recipe


Roselle Bites
175g butter
50g condensed milk
255g all purpose flour
1 egg yolk

egg wash: 1 egg yolk+1 tsp milk
Roselle Filling, roll into little balls

1. cream butter and condensed milk till light
2. add in egg yolk, beat until combined
3. fold in sifted flour, mix to a soft & not sticky dough
4. roll into 8g balls & wrap filling
5. arrange on parchment lined baking tray, apply egg wash
6. bake in preheated oven 165'C for 25min until golden
7. cool completely before storing

Roselle Filling: 375g fresh roselle flowers
                           70g sugar
                           250g water
                           1/2 lemon

1. remove & discard seeds from roselle, rinse
2. remove skin & chop flesh of lemon
3. bring roselle, lemon flesh, water to a boil
4. continue cooking @ low heat, stir from time to time
5. when water has reduced, add sugar & continue cooking, stirring
6. cook till mixture comes together into a lump, remove & let cool

Monday, 9 January 2017


It is the time of the year
when Chinese are preparing for the coming Chinese New Year

Among the many goodies
Sticky Kuih
is a popular one

It is made with 2 simple ingredients glutinous rice flour & sugar
Simply steam for long hours
to get the shinning brown colour

It is not so popular among the younger generations
as these are only carbohydrates
to the older generations
it is a must have for such an auspicious occasion
It signifies every year getting better
going to new heights

Fried Nian Kou
1 nian kou, sliced into 1/4" thick
slices of sweet potato & yam (optional)
200g self raising flour
1/2 tsp double action baking powder, optional 
1/2 cup water, to adjust consistency

1) slice nian kou 1/4" thick
2) prepare batter with self raising flour & water
3) mix until moderate consistency, whereby the batter will coat the nian kou
4) deep fry until golden, serve warm

1. if using sweet potato or yam, put nian kou in the middle, sweet potato & yam on each site.
dip into the batter to coat & drop into oil.
2. to make sure that the yam & sweet potato is cooked, prick the kou (through 3 layers) with a chopstick. If can go through, it is done.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


These Almond Thins are so crispy and nice
that no one can resist.
It is so addictive that you can finish the whole jar without you realizing it!

It is a must bake for me every Chinese New Year

If you prefer seeds
you can very well add or replace some of the almond slices as shown below:

Almond Thins

200g Florenta or Bienatta sugar
400g almond flakes

1) preheat oven to 160'C & line a baking tray with parchment
2) mix together bienatta sugar & almond flakes
3) scoop mixture onto lined baking tray, spread evenly (make sure 
4) bake for 10-12min until golden brown
5) remove from oven
6) use a pizza cutter or knife to cut into squares
7) when slightly cooled, transfer from baking paper to cool on wire rack.
8) store in air tight container

Friday, 6 January 2017


Black Ginger Gems
a name I give 
to these little black Candies that are so precious
as remedies to cold, 
to expel wind from body 
 & general health of ladies especially

This is not meant to be eaten as candies or sweets
as sugar content is quite high!

although it is good, how many will chew it, fibre and all?
To boil it, takes time & effort to prepare.

The idea of having it always in the pocket
leads me to explore and prepare these little candies
which I fondly call 
Black Ginger Gems

One time cooking
can provide one month supply
does that sound acceptable?

If you answer is 'yes'
try this recipe and you will have no regrets.

Black Ginger Gems
250g fresh old ginger, I use Bentong Ginger
275g granulated sugar
115g black sugar
60-80g water, help in blending of ginger

1) wash ginger thoroughly & scrape away ginger skin. cut into small pieces
2) blend until fine & leave aside
3) heat granulated sugar until golden, stir caramel evenly taking care not to burn
4) add blended ginger & black sugar, stir regularly until thick
5) when mixture comes together & leaves the sides of pan, it is ready
6) remove from heat & spread on parchment paper to cool
7) roll into balls or cut into cubes, leave to cool until hard
8) store when hardened

Ginger Gems cut in cubes
 Ginger Gems roll into balls

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Champion Toast
looks like it?

A 5 star soft white bread
popular among the bloggers for quite sometime

I have taken the recipe from Jeannietay's blog

Wu Pao Chun Champion Toast
230g bread flour
25g butter
25g sugar
3g salt
3g yeast
25g egg, beaten
125g cold water

1. all ingredients into the bread machine, bread dough cycle 1.5hrs
2. punch down and shape into 3 balls, put them closely in a small bread pan
3. let proof a second time until double in size
4. bake in preheated oven 170'C for 35-40min until done
5. remove from oven, let cool in pan for 5min, then remove and cool on wire  rack.
    slice only when bread is completely cooled