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Monday 15 March 2021

Ipoh Famous Meat Floss Biscuit

Ipoh Famous Meat Floss Biscuit

This is yet another copycat recipe
using the traditional Chinese Pastry recipe

The bean paste that I cook is slightly brown
whereas those sold in the shop is green (pandan flavour)

As for the floss
you can either use pork or chicken or even salmon floss!

Salted egg yolk can be left out if you do not fancy.


Ipoh Famous Meat Floss Biscuit
makes 12

       100g mung beans, soaked overnight
       40g sugar
       1/2 tsp salt 
       22g oil

 (A) 100g all purpose flour
        25g oil
        15g sugar
        50g water
         1/4 tsp vinegar

(B) 90g all purpose flour
      50g shortening

Other ingredients:
3 salted egg yolk, steamed & cut each into 1/4 
75g meat floss
Egg wash: 1 egg yolk+ 1 tsp water


1. Steam the mung beans until soft (about 30min)
2. While the beans are still warm, blend with some oil
3. Heat the sugar and the remaining oil in a non stick pan, to caramel 
4. Add the blended beans and fry until the mixture comes together,
5. Remove and let cool.
6. When cooled divide into 16g each ball

1. Separately blend ingredients in A and B
2. Divide A into 18g each
3. Divide B into 8g each
4. Wrap B into A, leave aside and continue doing for all the 12
5. Take 1 ball, press down & roll lengthwise into a strip
6. Roll the strip up, like a Swiss roll, leave aside & do the same for the remaining balls
7. Take 1 cylindrical dough, press down and roll lengthwise & roll up like a Swiss roll again.

To assemble:
1. Wrap egg yolk in a ball of bean paste
2. Drop into the meat floss, until required
3. Take 1 pc dough, press down and roll flat into a round
4. Put the ball of bean paste in the centre of the dough, add 1-2 tsp of floss 
5. Gather the sides to wrap the filling securely
6. Place the ball, smooth side up, on the parchment lined pan
7. Egg wash before sending into the oven
8. Bake 25min in 180’C 


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