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Thursday, 25 February 2016


Any left over mandarin oranges?

If you love cheesecake and mandarin
why not bring them together?

260g oreo biscuits, remove cream & crush
100g butter, melted

1) combine biscuits & melted butter & press firmly to the base of an 8" pan
2) leave in fridge

227g mandarin orange juice
2 Tbsp gelatine
227g hot water
500g cream cheese
180g sugar
227g whipping cream

2 mandarin, remove seeds & cut into cubes

1) sprinkle gelatine over hot water, heat to dissolve all gelatine
2) cream cheese and sugar until smooth
3) in another bowl. whip cream until soft peak
4) into cream cheese mixture, add dissolved gelatine, orange juice
& mix well
5) add whipped cream & mix until smooth
6) pour onto biscuits, shake to level
7) arrange cut slices of mandarin on the filling
8) refrigerate at lease 4 hurs before serving

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