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Sunday, 28 May 2017


There are times 
when you suddenly remember you need a bread 
but you are too busy to be 
waiting around to do the slap and fold

Teresa L Greenway
from Northwestsourdough.com
has this super easy recipe to share
which she fondly calls
Walking Sourdough Bread

It may not be as holey
it is well risen 

Walking Sourdough Bread
55g Sourdough
125g water
175g bread flour
25g whole wheat flour  
4g salt

Day 1
1. mix all ingredients, cover & chuck into fridge for 24 hours

2. shape into a boule & put into a banneton to proof 3.5 hrs
3. bake @250'C, covered, for 25min
4. open the cover, remove parchment 
5. continue baking @220'C for another 15min            

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