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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


2 Ways of cooking Aloe Vera Refreshing Drink
1) Honey Lemon or Lime 
2) Longan Honey Dates

Honey Lime Aloe Vera 

Longan Honey Dates Aloe Vera

Matured Aloe Vera Plant, watch out the torns!

Aloe Vera cut into 2" chunks and peel off skin

Aloe Vera pieces are brought to a boil twice:

1st time to remove stickiness, drained
2nd time to remove the smell if there is any

When you are ready to cook,
add drained aloe vera pieces & knotted pandan leaves to cold water,
bring to a boil.

For honey lime
once boiled, remove from heat, add sugar/honey & squeeze in the lime juice

add dried longan, honey dates or red dates & boil together.
Finally, add sugar to taste

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