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Friday, 17 March 2017


Soupy Huchiew Hoon Ngan
is a common staple food
to the Foochows

Hoon Ngan or Beehoon
comes in 2 sizes
Thick one is used here in this traditional dish,
whereas the thin ones are commonly used by other dialects

To the non Foochows
it may not be as popular as the Foochow Mian Sian
it is surely welcomed in most Foochow homes

Its pinkish colour
comes from the little Foochow Rice Wine residue
which is added while cooking this traditional dish

My mother is very particular of the type of beehoon used.
She insists that this beehoon from Fijian, China
is good
because it does not break easily
able to remain in shape when soaked in the soup for long hours!

During Festive occasions,
My late mother-in-law usually cooked a big pot
and left on the counter
for us to dish out as much as we want!

As the family members came home at different hours
for the Celebration,
the last group was still able to get its share of
delicious hoon ngan!

this is particularly popular
for gathering of large group of people
who come in different timing
yet able to enjoy a bowl of warm hoon ngan.
(although not steaming hot, still tastes nice)

Cooking this Hoon Ngan is no fuss at all.
Just cook it as you will when cooking any type of noodles
with added
Foochow Rice Wine Residue
to give its pinkish colour


Avril Tan Jennin from facebook said...

Mom used to make for me but I never liked the hoonngan. So she made meehoon for me.

Katie Foong: Haha!

Ellie Sim from Facebook said...

We used to eat this at home too.

Katie Foong: In Sitiawan, so big pot remember?

Ellie Sim: No.2 Kim, I have never eaten this at Mama's house. In fact, most of the food you have shared in your blog, I have never even heard of, let alone tried! So sad...

Katie Foong: Oh dear!

Chrissy Hoong from Facebook said...

Oh dear it's making me feel hungry now.😩

Katie Foong: Should have cook more to share, like my mother in law - very very big pot ! Haha!

Chrissy Hoong: Ya, thanks for your sharing 😊

Katie Foong: You are welcomed dear

Ling Doh Dah from Facebook said...

Is it home cooked.

Katie Foong: Aiyoh, I cook one ! Your wife also know la... Haha