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Monday, 2 January 2017


Salted Mustard

Salted Mustard Green
locally known as Ham Choy in Cantonese.

Various dishes that use ham choy are:
braised: duck, pig's trotter,
steamed: fish, tofu

stir fried: stingray, pork, chili etc
cooking 'choy giok' is another alternative

Fresh Mustard from the market

Green Mustard in brine

By chance I found this recipe in YouTube
and made it 

Salted Green Mustard
1/2 cup rice
5 cup water
500g mustard green
35g salt

1. bring to boil 10min, rice & water
2. remove rice for cooking, reserve water (let cool) to make ham choy
3. wash and pat dry the vegetable, leave to air
4. when water is cooled completely, put dried vegetable into a glass bottle
5. sprinkle salt onto the vegetable, then pour cooled water into the bottle
6. make sure the vegetable is submerged completely, top up with bottled water 
7. leave in a cool place for 4-7 days. If leave in fridge takes more days.
8. remove vegetable from brine & store in fridge up to 1 week, for later use.

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