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Thursday, 12 January 2017


These little Roselle Tarts
are quite similar to pineapple tarts in making.

We are all familiar with Pineapple Tarts
which is an all-time favourite
during Chinese New Year.

How about a change for this Chinese New Year?

I have adapted the pastry
from the the Pineapple Tarts recipe
shared by Fiona Lau of baking's corner.

This pastry is crumbly 
has a strong butter flavour

Roselle Tarts
A) 100g all purpose flour
     100g cake flour
     40g milk powder
     10g corn flour
     30g icing sugar
     1/2 tsp salt

B) 135g SCS butter, cold cubed
     1 egg yolk
     1/4 tsp vanilla extract

300g Roselle Filling, rolled into 5g balls
Glaze: 1 egg yolk+2 tsp water

1. sift plain flour, corn flour, icing sugar & milk powder into a bowl, mix in salt
2. cut butter into flour mixture, mix with finger tips to form coarse bread crumbs
3. make in well in the centre, add mixture of egg yolk & vanilla extract
4. bind the ingredients to a soft dough, do not over-knead. Leave dough in fridge for 30min
5. remove dough from fridge. Roll pastry between 2 plastic sheet to 5mm thickness
6. cut into shape with pineapple tart mould and fill centre with roselle jam
7. place on lines baking tray & bake for about 20-25min in preheated oven 175'C
8. cool tarts on wire rack & store in air tight container.

Roselle Filling: 375g fresh roselle flowers
                           70g sugar
                           250g water
                           1/2 lemon

1. remove & discard seeds from roselle, rinse
2. remove skin & chop flesh of lemon
3. bring roselle, lemon flesh, water to a boil
4. continue cooking @ low heat, stir from time to time
5. when water has reduced, add sugar & continue cooking, stirring
6. cook till mixture comes together into a lump, remove & let cool


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