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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


We love melt-in-the-mouth cookies.
I have this little Roselle Bites 
to share with you.

When you bite into these mini cakes,
you will be surprised to taste the sweet and a little sour roselle filling.

However, roselle filling is bright red 
which is an auspicious colour for the Chinese New Year!

I have adapted this recipe from Sonia a.k.a. Nasi Lemak's recipe


Roselle Bites
175g butter
50g condensed milk
255g all purpose flour
1 egg yolk

egg wash: 1 egg yolk+1 tsp milk
Roselle Filling, roll into little balls

1. cream butter and condensed milk till light
2. add in egg yolk, beat until combined
3. fold in sifted flour, mix to a soft & not sticky dough
4. roll into 8g balls & wrap filling
5. arrange on parchment lined baking tray, apply egg wash
6. bake in preheated oven 165'C for 25min until golden
7. cool completely before storing

Roselle Filling: 375g fresh roselle flowers
                           70g sugar
                           250g water
                           1/2 lemon

1. remove & discard seeds from roselle, rinse
2. remove skin & chop flesh of lemon
3. bring roselle, lemon flesh, water to a boil
4. continue cooking @ low heat, stir from time to time
5. when water has reduced, add sugar & continue cooking, stirring
6. cook till mixture comes together into a lump, remove & let cool


Marien Tung from Facebook said...

Great, something refreshing for a change from the common type of cookies...
thank you Katie Foong.😊

Katie Foong Exactly! I always love to try something new. You are welcomed.

Wen Huey from Facebook said...

Thanks for sharing!!! It looks really amazing!

Katie Foong: Thank you. Actually, I let my friends try
and they suggest that I should make open tarts to show off
the filling instead of wrapping it up! I am going to try that soon.

Cynthia Yeoh from Facebook said...

Katie what a big heart you have. Thank you always being so generous
sharing with us.

Katie Foong: You are welcomed dear. I love to share because sharing
is joy after all.... Happy baking

Cynthia Yeoh: Katie dear I sincerely think you are exceptional
besides Mandy Ng. Thanks to both of u dears.

Cheang Lih Ching from Facebook said...

Everything to you is possible and you are really sharing all your goodies.

Katie Foong I like experimenting. If I get it right,
I will share with you friends. God bless.