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Friday, 6 January 2017


Black Ginger Gems
a name I give 
to these little black Candies that are so precious
as remedies to cold, 
to expel wind from body 
 & general health of ladies especially 

This is not meant to be eaten as candies or sweets
as sugar content is quite high!

although it is good, how many will chew it, fibre and all?
To boil it, takes time & effort to prepare.

The idea of having it always in the pocket
leads me to explore and prepare these little candies
which I fondly call 
Black Ginger Gems

One time cooking
can provide one month supply
does that sound acceptable?

If your answer is 'yes'
try this recipe and you will have no regrets.

Black Ginger Gems
250g fresh old ginger, I use Bentong Ginger
275g granulated sugar
115g black sugar
60-80g water, help in blending of ginger

1) wash ginger thoroughly & scrape away ginger skin. cut into small pieces
2) blend until fine & leave aside
3) heat granulated sugar until golden, stir caramel evenly taking care not to burn
4) add blended ginger & black sugar, stir regularly until thick
5) when mixture comes together & leaves the sides of pan, it is ready
6) remove from heat & spread on parchment paper to cool
7) roll into balls or cut into cubes, leave to cool until hard
8) store when hardened

Ginger Gems cut in cubes
 Ginger Gems roll into balls


Sue Lim from Facebook said...

How does one consume it? Do we add hot water n make it into a drink
or just take it as a cough drop?

Katie Foong: This is the easiest way I can think of, just pop into
your mouth! Chew if you like. It is a problem trying to get hot water
to dissolve it!

Jennifer Lim from Facebook said...

Thanks Katie Foong for sharing this precious recipe.

Katie Foong: Yes, indeed this is precious if you know the goodness of ginger ....

Mary Absalon from Facebook said...

Hi Katie what can we substitute for black sugar?
Is it ok to lessen the sugar quantity? Thanks for sharing

Katie Foong: It may not harden if you reduce granulated sugar!
Black sugar is actually raw sugar, can get from organic shops.

Karen Kon from Facebook said...

Thanks Katie Foong for sharing this wonderful recipe. I have
relatives getting this from Setiawan to Brunei especially for
my daughter's confinement. I took a few cubes boiled with
red dates, dried longan, koji berries for my daughter to drink.
i kept wondering how to make it!
There you posted n shared every details of making..
I'm so grateful.. Thanks again for sharing.. I try make myself
when I'm free. 😘😘😘😘

Katie Foong: You are welcomed dear. This one is not very sweet,
just pop into your mouth, no need to boil or dissolve in hot water.
Of course, for confinement you may like to boil with red dates,
dried longan & koji berries. I am yet to develop one to include
all these goodness! The taste is very much better when you add
a few cubes into sweet potato dessert, moreover, it helps to
reduce the 'wind' in sweet potato!

Teresa Lim from Facebook said...

🍭🍬 Homemade Ginger Candy 🍬🍭
Using fresh bentong ginger to make. So nice to eat. Love the warm hiam hiam feeling in the throat even after the candy is gone. Also can make into ginger tea. Just add 2-3 pieces of the candy and add hot water. This is very good for cough, itchy throat, sore throat, tummy ache. Good for ladies especially.
This recipe is a keeper!
Thanks Katie Foong 😍