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Monday, 14 November 2016


Yam Rice
Another of my favourite 
One Pot Rice

Easily cooked and flavorful

If you like to try
these are the ingredients:
Yam Rice
1 cup rice, rinsed & drained
4-5 shallots, sliced
1 cup yam, cut into cubes
1 Tbsp dried shrimps, cleaned & soaked 
2 Tbsp sliced mushroom
Either : marinated boneless chicken or pork belly, cut in cubes
             or roast pork/char siew, cut in cubes
             or chinese sausage, sliced
             or any 2 of the above

Seasoning: soya sauce, oyster sauce, dark soya sauce
                  salt & pepper to taste

Topping: Fried shallots & cut chili

1) heat up wok with 3 Tbsp oil, fry shallots until crispy, remove
2) add yam cubes & fry until slightly golden, remove
3) remove some oil & fry the dried shrimps. Keep the water from soaking shrimps
4) add mushroom slices & raw meat if using
5) add rice & seasoning. Add some water from the soak water of shrimps if too dry
6) pour the whole lot into the rice cooker or steamer, if you are using
7) add enough water to cook the rice, make sure the rice is just covered with water
8) On top, add char siew, roast pork, chinese sausage & yam
9) when cooked, stir with a pair of chopsticks to mix


Jaylene Chuah from Facebook said...

Yummilicious Katie Foong sifu..
Yesterday at 8:43am

Katie Foong: Thank you. But I am far from sifu because
all my dishes are home-cooked for home consumption only, haha!
Yesterday at 8:45am

Jaylene Chuah: To me u all are my sifu.. ๐Ÿ˜š
Yesterday at 8:47am

Gillian Lee: Katie Foong yr posts on yr home-cooked food
always look tantalising n I believe it taste yummilicious too!
Yesterday at 10:07am

Katie Foong: Gillian Lee thank you. So encouraging words ...
Yesterday at 10:31am

Jaylene Chuah: Hmmm... if I'm ur neighbour sure gate crash over.. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Jessie Tee from Facebook said...

Yum! I luv this too. Homecook is far better than outside clean and no MSG.
Yesterday at 10:24am

Katie Foong: Thank you
Yesterday at 10:27am

Maria Bee from Facebook said...

Wow! Katie! My favourite yam rice. Tq.
21 hrs

Katie Foong: And my favourite one pot rice, haha!
21 hrs