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Sunday, 6 November 2016


I fell in love
with the bright yellow Pumpkin Mantou 
that Melissa Ho Lee Cheen shared in Facebook.

The Mantou 
are so smooth and
looks so spongy and nice.

Melissa says the secret is:
choose pumpkin with orange colour flesh!

Pumpkin Bao
90g steamed pumpkin puree
330g bao flour
15g milk powder
80g sugar
60g water
15g oil
5g baking powder
3g yeast

1. All ingredients into the bread machine, knead for 1/2 an hour
2. let it rise for 15min, divide & shape into bao, or wrap filling if using
3. Let rise another 25-30min
4. Mist buns with water and steam on HIGH for 10-12 min depend on size of bao

110g black sesame powder
60g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
4 tsp oil
50g boiling water

1. combine black sesame powder, sugar, salt & oil
2. pour boiling water over & mix well
3. put in plastic bag & leave in fridge overnight

Note: wetness of mashed pumpkin may be different in every batch,
          so you may need to adjust the liquid used in the recipe by +/- 10% 

1 comment:

Melissa Ho Lee Cheen from Facebook said...

Yummy! I love steamed baos 😋😋😋
November 7 at 9:02am

Katie Foong: Thank you for your recipe, yummy!
November 7 at 9:33am

Melissa Ho Lee Cheen: Katie Foong you are welcomed sis.
November 7 at 9:34am