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Monday, 7 November 2016



Foochow people love sweet and sour dishes.

This is the reason
why so many of their favourite dishes 
are sweet and sour.

Fried pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce
is a popular dish served in Sitiawan Restaurants.

It is served with some pickled cucumber by the side of the dish.
they just put some sliced cucumber at the bottom of the plate
before placing the fried pork ribs on top.

these days you hardly can find the original fried pork ribs served this way!

many new restaurants there serve fried pork ribs with French Fries!

If you wish to cook an authentic 
Foochow Fried Pork Ribs,
just follow the recipe below:

Foochow Fried Pork Ribs

350g pork ribs, chopped into bite size
1 big onions, cut into quarters
1 tsp corn flour (tenderizer)
1 tsp soya sauce
2 Tbsp self -raising flour

Sauce: 1 tsp oyster sauce
            2 Tbsp tomato sauce
            1/2 tsp sugar
            1/3 cup water
            salt & pepper to taste

1. marinate pork ribs with soya sauce, pepper & corn flour for 1/2 hour
2. combine sauce ingredients: oyster sauce, tomato sauce, sugar & water 
3. heat oil in a wok for deep frying the pork ribs
4. stir in 2 Tbsp of self raising flour to the marinated pork ribs & deep fry until cooked
5. remove pork ribs & pour out the oil

6. No need to wash the wok, add the big onions & fry
7. pour in the sauce mixture and allow to boil
8. when it boils, add the fried pork ribs & stir fry.
9. quickly remove & serve

Cucumber pickle:
1/2 cucumber
1/2 tsp salt
juice from 1/2 lemon
1 1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 red chili, sliced

1. peel & cut cucumber lengthwise into quarters
2. slice away part of the seeds
3. slice the cucumber strips diagonally
4. marinate with salt & leave aside for 10-15 min
5. wash off the salt & squeeze dry
6. add sugar, lemon juice and cut chili & mix well
7. leave in the fridge until ready to serve


BiBi C.Bbc from Facebook said...

Looks really easy. I shall try it.. 😜
November 8 at 10:06am

Katie Foong: Haha! Taste nice too.
November 8 at 10:08am

Maria Bee from Facebook said...

Wah! Katie dear, this is really yummy!
November 8 at 2:48pm

Katie Foong: Thank you
November 8 at 2:52pm