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Sunday, 27 November 2016



This is a popular dish
among the Foochow community in Sitiawan

My mom who is 86 years old,
cooked this dish for us
although she has not been cooking for quite awhile!

We meant to help her,
she insisted that we need to learn her traditional way!

I have specifically noted down 
her instructions and explanations for your reference...

1 kampung chicken
1/4 cup old ginger, minced
2 Tbsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp corn oil
2 Tbsp rice wine residue
1/4 cup rice wine
soya sauce, pepper & sugar to taste

1. cut chicken into bite size pieces so that the flavour can go right into the meat
2. heat wok, add 2 types oil & fry ginger.  Ginger must be fried until fragrant 
    & a bit brown to get the most flavour
3. add chicken pieces, tossing & frying until meat shrinks
4. add rice wine residue & continue frying.  At this stage add 1 cup water,
    washing down from the sides of the wok! Stir fry & cover the wok, 
    allow to cook for awhile.
5. open the cover to check if the water has been absorbed. If so, add another
    1/2-1 cup water. add soya sauce & pepper to taste. Salt is optional. 
    Cover and cook again.
6. If the chicken is cooked, add sugar to taste & pour in the rice wine. Dish up.

1) sugar is not added with the seasoning because she does not want it to caramel
    & change the taste of 'Chow'
2) wine is added last so that it does not evaporate so much, so you will get 
    the taste of red rice wine!


Siew Ing Chew from Facebook said...

What seasoning?

Katie Foong: Haha! it is foochow red rice wine residue!

Siew Ing Chew: oK thanks

Grace Woon: Siew Ing Chew it's a v yummy dish!
Can get the 纒糟 fr ntuc!

Katie Foong: Grace Woon really? Oh, that sounds great for you guys
in Singapore. I will tell my daughters so that they do not have to
make their own, just buy from NTUC, haha!

Loo Iris from Facebook said...

Yummy i like red rice wine but usually i cook soup .
Will try this dry type.

Katie Foong My mom insisted that I should learn
this dish and pass on.....

Loo Iris: Must thank Aunty for sharing.

Katie Foong: Loo Iris You are welcomed dear.
she will be very happy to know that you all like her cooking too!

Yong Chew Woh from Facebook said...

Wow! 86 and going strong...^^

Katie Foong: Yes. Foochows are tough people!

Pekchin Tan: Katie Foong Is that the secret of her longevity?πŸ˜…

Katie Foong: Pekchin Tan I guess so! My grandma lived up to 89!

Stella Ling from Facebook said...

Lovely! Did u make the wine yrself too?

Katie Foong: Yes, I have the recipe in my blog too

Stella Ling: Oh ok. Tks 😘

Daisy Oh: tks Katie . will look for it.

Elaine Teoh TP from Facebook said...

This is dry version?

Katie Foong: Yes, bok in Foochow meaning dry fried !

Elaine Teoh TP: Katie Foong I love this too

Katie Foong: Elaine Teoh TP I seldom cook because I like soupy type.
My mom insisted that She must refresh the steps with me in case I forgot!!!
Haha! Mothers are always so good to us.

Elaine Teoh TP: Yes...

Janet Teo from Facebook said...

So lucky you have a great and healthy mom big chef πŸ‘πŸ‘

Katie Foong: Yes, God is good. My mom always says that I am
very lucky to have her around at my age (65).

Khaw Felicia from Facebook said...

This is authentic dish πŸ˜‹❤

Katie Foong: Yes, truly Foochow ! My late grandmother also used
to cook this when we were small, did not really know how to enjoy it.

Khaw Felicia: Katie Foong I love to eat but don't have the ingredients
to cook !!!

Katie Foong Khaw Felicia No problem, you can make your own red rice wine
to get both wine & residue! One stone kills 2 birds! Haha!

Khaw Felicia Katie Foong care to share your red rice wine recipe ?

Rose Eu from Facebook said...

You are blessed!

Katie Foong: I can actually count my blessings each day.
Let all glory be to God.

Rose Eu: Katie Foong having yr mum around at this age is indeed
God's blessings. How many are as lucky as you.

Katie Foong: Rose Eu Praise the Lord

Lucy Lim from Facebook said...

Thanks so much for sharing! But red rice wine is hard to get!
Must try your red rice wine recipe too!

Katie Foong: You must. Please make sure your utensils are clean & dry!
Any questions feel free to pm me....

Sylvia Tiong Ai Sieng from Facebook said...

Yes, foochow here. Foochow must have"ang chew" in most of the
special occasion. It's like a staple food to them.
I grew up eating everything that cook with ang chew..
until now still cook my favorite ang chew Mee suah.
Mee suah special hand carry from Sarawak.

Katie Foong: Haha! Another Foochow here. Nice to meet you.
Yes, Foochow cannot get away with ang chiew and ang chow!
Mee suah is one that is always associated with it,
and most of us love it.

Kathy Tee from Facebook said...

Blessings to your Mum.
Great work there😘

Katie Foong: Thank you. She is happy to know that so many of you like her dish.

Sally Ngai from Facebook said...

Wow, delicious ! Many tkns 2 yr mum 4 sharing d recipe !

Katie Foong: She will be happy to know you all love this dish.
Thank you.

Mary Wong from facebook said...

My favourite dish....and obviously I am a foo chow :)

Katie Foong: Hello fellow Foochow, nice to meet you. Glad to know you like this dish too.

Cheryl Banaena from Facebook said...

Thanks for sharing the good old recipe!

Katie Foong: You are welcomed. This is my mom's favourite.
She insists that we must learn the correct method, haha!