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Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Chrysanthemum Flower
is used in ancient Chinese medicine

It is a natural coolant
that helps in lowering the body temperature
besides quenching thirst
detoxifying the body

Some believe that it helps to strengthen the immune system
yet others 
say that it improves the complexion 

Chrysanthemum Tea
50g chrysanthemum flowers
1 litre water

1. bring to boil the flowers & water
2. brief simmer for 5 min, let cool

3. strain & sweeten with honey

1st Steep

2nd Steep

You may also add boiling water to chrysanthemum buds and wolfberry
as shown in the 2 pictures above
and leave aside to steep

It is a remedy for tired eyes
and it will also clear stickiness in the eyes
of elderly

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