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Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Foochow 'Mian Siang'
Mee sua
cooked in Foochow style

It is 
specially prepared for Birthday Celebrations

The birthday boy or girl 
will be served 
a big drumstick like this
2 hard boiled eggs

the rest of the family members will be served
with chopped pieces of chicken plus one hard boiled egg

This is also served as the First Dish 
the Birthday Feast is held in
a Restaurant

Special skill
is required to cook this
not many people can achieve that 
special taste
aroma from the red rice wine

My mother 
takes special interest in preparing it
as this is her favourite dish

She eats that for 30 days during her confinement month!

According to her
the minced ginger needs to be fried until fragrant
the chicken must be free range chicken
to be cooked to perfection

Here is her recipe which she gladly shares with us

1 free range chicken, chop into bite size
1/4 cup minced ginger
1/4 cup red rice wine residue
1/4 cup thick rice wine, obtained while extracting the clear wine 
2 Tbsp cooking oil
1 Tbsp sesame oil
rice wine to taste
seasoning: salt & chicken granules, optional

1. heat up cooking oil in a wok, add ginger & fry until fragrant
2. add chicken pieces & fry
3. add sesame oil & red rice wine residue, continue frying taking care not to burn as rice wine residue burns easily. So better turn down fire at this satge.
4. when the chicken pieces start to shrink, pour in the thick rice wine
5. add enough water to cook soup
6. simmer until the chicken pieces are tender
7. add seasoning if required
8. serve over Foochow mian siang

To prepare mian siang
1. bring to boil 1/2 wok of water
2. put mian siang into the boiling water & stir with a pair of chopsticks
3. when the mian siang floats, it is ready
4. remove & put into a serving bowl
5. pour chicken soup over, and serve with chicken pieces

1. My mom says no need to add salt because the mian siang is salty
     but chicken granules is a must as it adds taste to the soup
2. rice wine is added at the table so that you can get the ump!

I love to see so many variations in preparing this much loved
FooChow Miang Siang

My Facebook friend Peggy Teo from Johor
is preparing this dish
She likes thick soup like this

Another Facebook friend, Abigail Ngan
from Kampung Jering, Ayer Tawer
likes to have fragrant ginger fried egg instead of hard boiled egg

Chan Shiao Yiing Fion
my Facebook  friend from Taiping
adds black fungus into the soup & serve with Chinese celery


Ai Lin from Facebook said...

I'm Teochew but i love this dish so much.
My granny is Foochow n she cooks this very nice.
Will always have one big bowl of this soup.

Katie Foong: Hooray!

Lim Lee Wen from Facebook said...

I'm teowchew also and my mom is foochow..
this is my fav foochow dish...
my mom make her own 'red wine' too

Katie Foong: I make my red wine too: http://my-humblekitchen.blogspot.my/.../hockchiew-red...

Angela Lau from Facebook said...

It's a must have for confinement & birthday celebration........

Katie Foong: Yes. My mom never fail to cook this on such occasions!
She is now 86 years old

Abigail Ngan from Facebook said...

I'm from Sitiawan, Katie 😬

Katie Foong: You are? Great! My parents are from Simpang Tiga +and my husband is from Kampong Koh.
Your mian siang got fried egg !
Next time I will cook like that to try.
Nice meeting you, foochow sister.

Sherilyn Chan: Sitiawan???!! 😱😱 Me too!

Katie Foong: Sherilyn Chan Nice meeting you too!

Sherilyn Chan: Katie Foong, u are considered a local here too! Wow!

Katie Foong: I like to share with you all: http://my-humblekitchen.blogspot.my/.../foochow-in...

Foochow in Sitiawan
I am a Foochow, A Hu-chew-noin. My parents are both from Simpang Tiga, a small village in…

Abigail Ngan: I'm from Kampung Jering, Ayer Tawar 😊
nice to meet you here

Abigail Ngan :Sherilyn Chan Hello Sherilyn 😍

Abigail Ngan: Katie Foong yeah, very nice

Sherilyn Chan: I am in Sitiawan, Abigail Ngan.
My hubby also a hu chiu noin like Katie Foong from Spg Tiga .
Me, I am a cantonese.
My dad's from Ipoh and mom from Kedah.

Abigail Ngan: Oh I see, so you are half Hu Chui noin now 😂

Katie Foong: Haha so happy to meet you all!
The world has suddenly become so small!

Ai Lin: Fry the egg in sesame ginger oil.
Add into this dish!
Yummy, super fragrant with the sesame gingery taste.

Sherilyn Chan: Yeah...me 1/2 hu chiu noin and
my hu chiu wah only my hubby understands. Hahahaha!

Sherilyn Chan: Yes Katie Foong, suddenly feel so warm here

Abigail Ngan: Katie Foong yeah, it's a small world after all 😁

Katie Foong: Sherilyn Chan Do you know why foochow people speak so loud?
I asked a Foochow in Foochow, China.
He told me hu chiu noin jin aik jing.(foochow people very warm to each other)

Sherilyn Chan: Hahahahaha!
Luckily my hubby and in laws very soft spoken one. 😃😃

Angela Lau: Hello all, I'm Hut chiu noin from Sarawak........

Abigail Ngan: Hello Angela 😘

Sherilyn Chan: Hi Angela!

Angela Lau: We should share more of our yummy food here with others too.......

Irene Yew from Facebook said...

I'm foochow and this is my favourite.
Always have a bag of mee sua from sitiawan in my pantry
and a bottle of red wine "ja" and ginger
to meet that occasional craving

Katie Foong: Wah, always stock up ! good for you.
Nothing can compare with home cooked ones.

Tan Ai Lean from Facebook said...

Our fav family noodles whether in Msia or overseas .,
hubby is Ku tian born n bred in sitiawan n
all my sis in laws can make the red wine ..,
ever ready supply .. I am a foreigner in the family .,
not born n bred in sitiawan ..
But have learnt to master tis noodle dish
cos my children like it very much .,
but must be hock chew Mee sua is te best .,,

Katie Foong My husband also originates from Ku Tian, ku en noin!

Wen Yi from Facebook said...

Sarawakian foochow. I sometime pair the misua with sarawak ba Cheng :)

Katie Foong: How to ? Just curious to know....

Wen Yi:Ooooo instead red wine chicken soup
change to ba Cheng soup :) sorry to confuse u :p

Katie Foong: Oh! That's nice! I also do that often.

Christina Wu from Facebook said...

I'm foochow too. I love this dish 😀

Katie Foong: Hello Christina Wu, nice meeting you.

Christina Wu: Nice meeting u too Katie. 😊

Mah Ang Chin from Facebook said...

Hello Katie..I am Hock Chew. I like the mian xian very much.
I make red wine too..

Katie Foong: Hi Mah Ang Chin, nice to meet you.
Welcome to this Foochow conversation.
Good to know you make red wine too.

Avril Tan Jennin from Facebook said...

I just had this for lunch but
I decided to have a sunny side up egg to go with my noodle.

Katie Foong: Yes, it is great to be a simple lunch.
Oh, sunny side up also can go with it? Must try, haha!

Avril Tan Jennin: I find the sunny side taste a lot better than boiled egg..esp if the yolk oozes into the hot soup.

Katie Foong: Avril Tan Jennin I believe so.

Avril Tan Jennin: Katie Foong I am a pure foochow.
Now I add chicken stock instead of water.
It made my angchau taste better.
If add that fungus mushroom, also nice (my hokkien Aunty taught me).

Katie Foong: Avril Tan Jennin Wah, that is helpful!
fungus mushroom, is it the black wood ear they call?
If so, this is good, it helps to reduce blood pressure & cholesterol

Avril Tan Jennin: Yes, that is the one.
I can't get any here unless I drive to Burnaby's Chinatown.
But my last trip back, I brought 40 bottles of angchau. 😁😁😁😁

Katie Foong: Wah! incredible!

Avril Tan Jennin: My kids love angchau soup
& I carried 5kg dried Mee suah back.

Katie Foong: Wah! supermom

Wendy Wong from Facebook said...

Hi hi. Saw so many wonderful replies.
Loved this but not sure how long should I cook
after I pour the Chinese cooking wine (don't have the red wine)?
Please share. Thanks.

Katie Foong: Chinese cooking wine tastes different,
moreover it is quite 'hot', too much alcohol.
You don't need to cook long after you pour in the wine,
1 or 2 minutes will do. Where are you from?
If from Ipoh, I can spare you some to try
so that you can make next time with my recipe....

Wendy Wong: Hi Katie, I am in KL 😄

Katie Foong: Wendy Wong No problem, if you do come by, just let me know. In the mean time, try making the wine if you have the time..I will guide you along....http://my-humblekitchen.blogspot.my/.../hockchiew-red...

Wendy Wong Thank you.... 😄😄😄