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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Red Wine is found in every Foochow home
It is used in daily cooking
as well as
in Celebration and Festive Dishes

Red wine Pig's Trotter
are large pieces of Pig's Trotter
in thick Red Wine Gravy

I could remember during my childhood years
this was a favourite Dish served during Weddings and Birthday feasts
cooked by the Foochow people
in many of the villages in Sitiawan,
like Simpang Tiga, 
Simpang Dua, 
Ayer Tawar 
and Kampong Koh, Perak

It was served in such a big portion that
guests would usually come with their own tiffin carriers
to take home the left over
pig's trotter


1/2 pig's trotter
1 Tbsp red rice wine residue
1 pc ginger, smashed
2 pc dried cuttle fish
salt and sugar to taste

1) wash the chopped pig's trotter
2) add ginger and dried cuttle fish
3) cook over medium heat until meat pieces shrink
4) add red wine residue and fry until fragrant
5) add water and cook in medium heat until soft
6) add salt and sugar to taste

Very often, radish is added to this dish

Do you know that if you have any left overs
you can present it this way?

Just cook this mee sua in boiling water
and add the hot Pig's Trotter soup!

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