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Sunday 4 March 2018


Nonya Kaya Potong

We are familiar with Kaya spread on toast. 

All heads turned when Rosalind Chiew posted this 
Nonya Kaya Potong.  

This nostalgic Kaya Potong is steamed
in Jacobs cream crackers rectangular biscuit box 
which many of us are familiar with. 

Many of those who know about this seri Kaya, 
gave thumbs up for it, 
while others like me were eager to try steaming one! 

Thank you Rosalind Chiew for this recipe. 
Curiosity has made me rolled up my sleeves 
stand by the stove stirring. ....

 1:1:1 ratio 
of eggs : white sugar : santan.

1 pandan leaf, cut

1. I used only 2/3 of the amount of sugar
2. Duck eggs are recommended for better taste

  1. Stir the eggs & sugar till combine.The mixture will be smooth & slightly shiny.
  2. Sieve into a bowl. 
  3. Add 1/2 of the santan & continue to stir over stove using double boiler (baine maire).

4. Add the remaining santan slowly & pandan leaves, continue to stir till all sugar dissolve.
5. Continue stirring till the mixture is slightly thicken (abt 1hr ) 
6. Remove from baine maire & pour into a parchment lined steaming tray 


7. Cover with parchment paper & aluminium foil.
8. steam in a slow cooker @ low temp for 8 hrs 
9. Let it cool before cutting.

1 comment:

Daphne Jap from Facebook said...

I did this long time ago.....I just poured the kaya mixture straight inside the pot n put on low ...
Overnight......on low
...till it 's golden brown.....using

Katie Foong: Wow! Save a hour of stirring.....