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Thursday, 20 April 2017


is not easy to manage

I have been struggling with the crumbs for a very long time.
The chewy crumbs never seem to go away

These Sifus:
1) Delvin Tan
2) Nancy Wei
3) William Woo
4) Kim Poh Gan
5) Yossi Hazan
6) Ann Tan

have been very patient with me.
They encourage me to keep on trying & practicing,

I followed very closely their instructions
soon I manage to get this soft crumbs & thin crusts!

Thank you Sifus.

I know my next step is to learn scoring.
Sifus, I will be bothering you all again.

This recipe is the courtesy of Delvin Tan - Vin's Haus

Same Day Bake Sourdough Bread
(A) 400g bread flour
(B) 250g water (additional 100g from the starter, making a total of 70% hydration)
(C) 200g levain (levain is 50% of total flour)
(D) 10g salt (2%)

1. mix (A) & (B) for 2-3min
2. add levain & knead for 6-8min until window pane appear
3. add salt & gently give a few folds, leave for 3 hours
4. during 3 hr bulk, 3 X snf @ 30min interval, 1st set after1.5 hrs 
5. pre shaping, rest 20min at RT
6. Final shaping & transfer to banetton & left to proof 45-60min at RT
7. preheat oven to 250'C, chuck banetton into the fridge for 40-60min to stiffen the dough to aid scoring
8. score bread before sending into the oven, bake covered for 25min @250'C
9. reduce temperature to 225'C for another 15min until golden brown
10. slice bread after 1 hour

calculation based on weight of flour
1. 70% hydration = 70/100 (400+100) from levain
                            = 70/100X500
                            = 350g water includes 100g from levain
2. levain 50% of total flour = 50/100x400g flour
                                            = 200g levain
3. salt 2% = 2/100x500g flour
                 = 10g salt
4. snf = stretch & fold


Nancy Wei from facebook said...

Jia you! 💪💪💪

Katie Foong: I will! Thank you so much.

Delvin Tan from facebook said...

Congratulations! Jia you 💪💪💪

Katie Foong: Thank you Sifu! I will practice more!

Alicia said...

Hi Katie wanted to ask u cos I get a bit confuse here. ur bread flour is 400g right ? But ur calculation put additional 100g for flour and 100g.it is because u inclusive the 100g flour +100 g water u add when making levain?May I know how much starter u use to feed w 100g flour +100g water?Tq alicia

Katie Foong said...

Hi Alicia,
Sorry for the confusion.
1) To start, you weigh 400g bread flour to make the dough
(those words in the brackets are for calculations only)
2) Levain - you take out 200g from your jar of sourdough.
Make sure it is very active
3) Sourdough - feed with equal amount of water and bread flour

Hope the above clear your doubt.
Happy Baking
Katie Foong