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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Chiffon Cakes are known for being light & fluffy

Using Rice Flour to make Chiffon Cakes,
Washoku.guide has this to say:
1) It is foolproof, 
hence the name Foolproof Rice Flour & Soy Milk Chiffon Cake
2) It is healthier,
because Rice flour requires less oil & sugar.

Gluten Free Chiffon
130g rice flour
5 egg yolks
6 egg white
80g sugar
50ml canola oil
120ml Soy milk (or milk)

1. use well chilled eggs, separated yolks & whites
2. add 1/2 the sugar to egg yolks, mix well
3. add soy milk, then oil, then sifted rice flour
4. preheat oven 160'C
5. whisk egg white & add remaining sugar in 3 batches
6. Gently mix 1/3 egg white into the egg yolk mixture
7. fold in the rest of the egg white in 2 batches
8. pour batter into a 20cm chiffon cake mould, 
9. tap on counter to release trapped air bubbles & bake for 45-50min
10. Once done, test with skewer. Turn upside down to cool
11. Serve plain or with cream & fruits

If you like a variation: 
replace 10g rice flour with cocoa powder


Angie Yew from Facebook said...

Thank you Katy! Any difference in taste compared to wheat flour?

Katie Foong: Not much difference. It is super soft!

Diana Soyer from Facebook said...

Great recipe

Katie Foong: Thank you, owner of recipe is Washoku.guide

Carolyn Chan from Facebook said...

Hi Katie Foong, amazing beneficial sharing especially for those who are gluten intolerant.

Am curious. Looking at the ingredients, does it taste similar to Huat Kuih that is made of partial rice flour ?😊

Katie Foong: It tastes exactly like chiffon cake baked with plain flour! Huat Kuih is steamed so you may get the rice smell but definitely not this cake!

Carolyn Chan: WOW, this recipe is a keeper. Will bake for guest who is gluten free. Thanks again for your recipe.

Cynthia Yeoh from Facebook said...

Katie plse does it taste like huat kuih becos i don't fancy this kueh, thks.

Katie Foong Definitely not! It tastes exactly like ordinary chiffon cake.

Cynthia Yeoh: Thanks a lot for your reply.. must try one day, good nite !!