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Friday, 21 April 2017


Nian Gao in Mandarin
is New Year Cake, by direct translation.

Nian Gao
is a delicacy only available during Chinese New Year.

Foochow (Fuzhou) community
make their Nian Gao
different from other dialects.

It has additional ingredients
like taro (yam), peanuts and red dates.

Unlike traditional Chinese Nian Gao,
these are made with tapioca flour instead of glutinous rice flour.

Foochow like to cook with tapioca flour.
Their noodles Lonn Yen are also made from tapioca flour.

If you like to taste this authentic
Fuzhou Nian Gao
here is the recipe:

Foochow (Fuzhou) Nian Gao
(A) 8 oz yam, shredded
      1.7 oz peanuts, pre-boiled to soften
      some red dates, slit & soak awhile to soften

(B) mix together: 3.5 oz tapioca flour
                             1 Tbsp glutinous rice flour
                             1/2 tsp 5-spice powder

(C) 2.5 oz brown sugar
      1.5 oz white sugar
      6.75 oz water
      0.6 oz oil
      pinch of salt

1. Bring (C) to a boil, add peanuts
2. add yam & bring to simmer until almost dry, do not stir
3. remove from heat, mix in dry ingredients (B)
4. pour into a parchment lined steaming pan
5. arrange some red dates on the top of the cake & steam for 1-1.5 hr
6. let cool completely and chill until required

 Sliced Nian Gao

Pan fried Nian Gao

To serve:
1. slice nian gao into 1/4" thick
2. dip in beaten egg
3. pan fried until soft, serve


Priscilla Tan from Facebook said...

Yum yum ..ur a good cook n great mum n grandma

Katie Foong: Not actually good, just doing some research and hopefully can pass down the legacy and tradition of Fuzhou. So happy you all also enjoy these posts. Thank you so much. I always appreciate your feed back. Thank you once again

Choon Meng Yeap from Facebook said...

This looks sweet n yummy

Katie Foong: Yummy, my mom just told me. Not too sweet, already reduced sugar. Thank you for appreciating the post.

Maria Bee from Facebook said...

Tq dear Katie for the sharing! Long lost yummy dessert! Some more to come please!

Katie Foong: Ya, trying my best. Glad you like it. Thank you

Rin Cheang from facebook said...

SIFU.. Sorry to disappoint..But my 1 st time seeing it n never tried before.. Interesting.. TQVM for sharing

Ann Tan: Superb

Katie Foong: Ya, guess almost forgotten. Many prefer the glutinous rice one because they are easily available.

Soh Chin Kee from Facebook said...

Katie, you're Hockchew Lang ah?

Sherilyn Chan: Yes, Mrs Ding. Katie Foong is our local Sitiawan hock chew lang 😄😄

Soh Chin Kee: Oh, our local. Thanks Ms. Sherilyn Chan. 👍

Sherilyn Chan: My pleasure 😃

Katie Foong: Yes, from Sitiawan

Irene Yew from facebook said...

Never tasted this before.. 🤔

Katie Foong: Think almost forgotten because not many people know how to make.

Ann Tan from Facebook said...

Katie...You're hockchew ?👐👐

Katie Foong: Yes, my parents are from Sitiawan and I married a Sitiawan guy.

Katie Foong: Ann Tan you too?

Ann Tan: jen ni, sob puan

Katie Foong: Chi ya noin, haha!

Helen Kim from Facebook said...

Look cin Ho jiak

Katie Foong: My mom said, Cin ho lek

Unknown said...

This sweet dessert makes me think of "char gor" do you remember Katie?
Usually garnished with roasted crushed peanut or roasted sesame seeds.