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Monday, 2 January 2017


Kuih Kapit
fondly called Love Letter
is traditionally made and enjoyed 
during Chinese New Year Celebration

Nice to eat
not easy to make
as it takes a lot of effort and patience

For so many years,
my mother has been getting us children together
to make these Kuih Kapit
every year without fail

Kuih Kapit making is time consuming
It may take the whole day sitting in front of the hot charcoal stove!

Like most of the elderly
my mother does not have a recipe for Kuih kapit.
It is based on her memory, 
the look and the feel of the consistency of the batter.

The beauty of it 
is it works every time!

With my new toy
the electric Kuih kapit Toaster,
I have consulted her
through several trials and error
I have finally come out with this recipe

A word of caution:
This recipe works with the electric toaster
but may not work with the traditional tong method.

Kuih Kapit
45g rice flour
15g plain flour
7g tapioca flour
200g thick coconut milk
1 AA egg
60g sugar
180g water, to adjust consistency of batter

1. beat egg & sugar
2. add coconut milk & mix well
3. stir in sifted flours, mix well & strain batter
4. heat up the electric toaster, oil the surface
5. pour 1.5 -2 teaspoon batter onto the centre of each mould, cover & toast
6. when colour turns brown, fold the biscuits into 1/2, then 1/4 while it is hot
7. leave to cool before storing
8. continue with the rest of the batter until finished

Electric toaster does not work as the traditional tongs,
so the following precautions need to be taken:
1. control the amount of batter pouring onto the mould 
    so that it does not overflow
2. not possible to make sure that it is a perfect round, 
    so need to use your artistic mind to fold it to look like one!
3. edges may not be smooth as you can see from the photo,
    if you are particular about it, trim it while it is still hot.


Sherry Peris from Facebook said...

Kuih Kapit..my fave ^_^
Love how my mom made them in the olden days with charcoal.

Katie Foong: I am afraid modern people still use the old fashion
method because it is faster & can produce more at one time, forget about the tedious procedure, haha!

Sherry Peris: Its tedious but taste better to me ^_^

Katie Foong: I agree

Siew Ing Chew from Facebook said...

Sit at few hrs by end of t days leg cramp and backache

Katie Foong: yes,we sit the whole day, until cannot stand up!
That is CNY preparation, haha!

Wai Peng Kam from Facebook said...

Kind of miss those days where my aunties and us sit around
the charcoal stove to make this.

Katie Foong: We do miss the chit chat, and the laughter too!

Evelyn Low Ya: lor me too. It's very tedious and time consuming
but it is fun making it. Miss all those days. Kids nowadays
don't get to experience it anymore. I still have my mom's
kuih kapit mould. Wai Peng Kam want to make?πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Katie Foong: Evelyn Low That's good! keep it, one fine day just take it out & make together, just for the fun of it!