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Sunday 2 September 2018


Sea Cucumber
has long been used in Chinese Cooking,

Sea Cucumbers are expensive
it takes long time to prepare,
so they are mainly used in expensive dishes,
like braised sea cucumber,
sweet and sour sea cucumber
the famous Foochow Delicacy,
'Buddha Jump Over The Wall'

Recent discovery
is that Sea Cucumber is a good source of collagen.
so it has been introduced in many dishes.

Johanna Wong
recently introduced to us a tub of Sea Cucumber Tong Sui
which she bought from the local market!

It looks nice
and here I am with this simple recipe.

Sea Cucumber Tong Sui
1 small sea cucumber, soaked, softened and cleaned (cut into small pieces)
some wolfberries
some red dates
some dried longan
some white fungus (optional)

1) all ingredients into a double boiler, add enough water
2) double boil for 1-2 hours 
3) add rock sugar to taste
4) enjoy your collagen dessert

If you do not like the fishy smell of sea cucumber
you may like to add a few slices of old ginger 

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