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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Chinese  make their Steam Bao
in 3 textures if not more, namely

a) a heavy but soft bao known as mantou, can be eaten steamed or deep fried
b) a fluffy but less dense than the the previous mantou
c)  a spongy and airy type 

The later 2 usually come with fillings.
for sweet bao we have red bean paste or lotus paste
whereas savoury bao comes with pork filling

My grandchildren love mantou
while my mom prefers the airy type.

What about you?

These fluffy and less dense bao
are on the sweet side
because I make them plain.

If you like to try your hands on it,
here is my recipe 

Herman Fluffy Steamed Bao
(A) 200g herman
      200g pau flour
      75g water or milk (to adjust consistency)
      40g sugar (reduce accordingly if making bao with filling)
      25g oil or shortening

(B) 3/4 tsp baking powder

1. mix all ingredients (A) to form a smooth & shinny dough
2. cover & let proof until double in size about 3 hours
3. spread out the dough on the working top
4. sprinkle baking powder on the dough & knead until incorporated
5. divide & shape
6. cover & let rise 30min
7. steam for 8-12 min according to size of bao


Pat said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. Can I incorporate the baking powder into all the ingredients and thru knead rather than add it after the first proofing?

Katie Foong said...

Pat, thank you for your interest.
No, you can't because the baking powder (3 hours in the dough) could have lost its effect!