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Sunday, 12 February 2017


 may be popular among the Teochow
Oor Nay
 is not uncommon among the Foochow dialect

Foochow people love yam
it has been used in many of their favourite cuisine.

They make yam noodles,
Oor nay dessert
a layer of Oor Nay has been added to their Eight Jewels Rice too!

Thank you Tan Sweechoo for sharing this Orh Nee recipe

300g yam (taro) peeled & sliced
200g warm water
40g ginkgo nuts, peeled
65g sugar, adjust to taste
15g cooking oil

1. steam yam & ginkgo nuts until soft
2. remove ginkgo nuts to be used as topping later
3. blend yam, water, sugar and oil until creamy
4. serve warm with ginkgo nuts

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