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Sunday, 4 December 2016


Crackers are always welcomed
They are basically made with Tapioca flour

One drawback is that
it needs to be deep fried!

This is made with simple ingredients 
 kneaded together
and deep fried!

Long procedure but easy to manage, right?

Pumpkin Crackers
500g steamed & blended pumpkin
400g tapioca flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp white pepper

1. knead together in bread machine for 15min
2. shape into logs as shown, and place on oiled tray
3. steam for 1 hour 10min  until well cooked, leave to cool
4. de-hydrate in the fridge overnight
5. slice thinly across & put in hot sun to dry (3-4 days)

6. keep in air-tight container until required
7. put in hot sun for an hour or so before deep frying to create the extra crisp


Nicole Lew from Facebook said...

Wow, gluten free crackers!! I am so making this for cny..
my son will have one more variety of snacks to choose from.
Many many thanks to u 😊

Katie Foong: gluten free but deep fried! Haha!

Agnes Tan from Facebook said...

Looks so yummy...😊

Katie Foong: yes

Agnes Tan: Would like to try but it takes nearly 4-5 days ... haha

Katie Foong: you must dry until it is hard. If very hot sun,
may shorten the time. Unfortunately these days tend to rain
in the afternoons

Lai Lee Yap from Facebook said...

Fuchou carnival coming to Yong Peng next year
It's tat the same with your
fuchou clan

Katie Foong: yes. They also sell mee sua, dried noodles & certain
type of biscuits, almost the same as Sitiawan

Tina Lim said...

Something new to me Katie, I'm amazed!