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Sunday, 12 June 2016


Mandy Ng's Swiss Roll
 made with 4 common ingredients
readily found in the pantry

It is extremely easy to make,
soft & non-crack
as she wittily put it

A) 2 eggs yolk
     30g water/milk
     30g oil
     1 drop vanilla (to cover egg smell)
     40g cake flour, sifted

B) 2 egg white
     40g sugar
     pinch of cream of tartar

C) Filling: kaya or 
                  cream with fruits - I used kiwi & mangoes for the 2 rolls

1) mix (A) well until combined
2) whip egg white, add cream of tartar
3) add sugar in 2 additions, beat until stiff peak forms
4) slowly fold into (A) in 2 additions
5) pour into 20cm x 20cm lined square pan
6) bake in preheated oven 175'C for 12min
7) let cool.
8) place roll on baking sheet & spread filling evenly
9) roll up firmly into cylinder shape
10) hold it & press firmly, leave in fridge at least 30min to set

Best eaten fresh or kept in fridge for good 3 days

Instead of Mini Swiss Rolls
I cut them into rectangle slices
(more to share)
after spreading on the filling

with some decorations
they are ready for a pot luck gathering
at Foochow Association
Dragon Boat Festival
Jun 2016

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