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Thursday, 10 October 2013


Day 1  
50g flour
50g water
Mix all ingredients well & cover & leave aside for 24 hours

Day 2  
discard 50g of the mixture (remain 50g)
Add 50g flour & 50g water
to the starter & stir vigorously to incorporate air.
cover & leave aside for 24 hours

Day 3  
discard 100g starter (remain 50g)
Add 50g flour & 50g water
to the starter & stir vigoursly to incorporate air.
cover & leave aside for 24 hours

1) on the 3rd day, the batter should smell sour & have small bubbles
2) if need to use the starter, start to 
    a) discard less in order to feed more to increase the volume
    b) feed 12 hourly

 After feeding 2.5 hours
It is ready for baking

Feed starter with = volume of flour & water as the starter

1) Starter is ready to be used when it becomes foamy, 
    smells sour and "beery" after 8-12 hours feeding.
2) if you drop some into a bowl of water, if it floats it is ready

1) to be fed everyday if left at room temperature
2) if kept in fridge, fed at least once a week
3) Starter can be dried by spreading thinly on a parchment paper.
when dried, collected & kept in air tight containers

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Half Bake said...

Thank you for sharing this sourdough recipe. was thinking to take class that cost rm500 per person to learn this. Have a blessed and joyful year.