A Time To Share

Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Thursday, 29 August 2013


With Love To Mom And Dad

(painted by Fong)

Greetings from Singapore

(pressed flowers by Mr & Mrs Lee & Family)


(drawn with colour pencils by Zhixiang)

Chinese New Year Greetings

(paper cutting by Zhixiang)

Batik Printing

(by Yee)

Specially to Kung2 & mama

(Crayon drawing by Ethan)

A Happy Day

(magic colour by Hayley)

God Bless our Home

(cross-stitch by Fei)

The Blessings Of God

All good things come down to us from Heaven
He pours out His Blessings on us
So much so that we cannot contain it, and need to share with others.

So God loves YOU too.



Cheang Lih Ching from Facebook said...

Wow....a good cook n also having green fingers. They are so beautiful.

Katie Foong: Thank you. Looks so real hah? My daughter's oil painting.
She loves to paint.

Pearl Wee: She is talented.

Katie Foong: Pearl Wee Thank you.

Cheang Lih Ching: Oh, such a talent. Tot it was real. Just went to see a orchid exhibition on Sunday in Penang. So many beautiful types of orchid.

Jasmine Ang from Facebook said...


Katie Foong: Thank you

Jasmine Ang: Painting? Wow! She's good

Katie Foong: Jasmine Ang Yes my daughter painted it.

Joeen Chew from Facebook said...

Whow! So unique colour , so many blooms in a row!

Katie Foong: Lovely

Lee Laylay from Facebook said...

Wow very very beautiful

Katie Foong: Thank you

Sue Lim from Facebook said...

So Beautiful! Love the unique color!

Katie Foong: Thank you

Ding Mee Ling from Facebook said...

Astounding !! Oh a fantastic piece 😍😍😍

Katie Foong: Thank you

Jayne Cheng from Facebook said...

Your daughter is so talented just like mom. PTL

Katie Foong: Praise the Lord. God is good, Amen.

Priscilla Tan from Facebook said...

Wow! Ur daughter very talented. PtL

Katie Foong: By God's grace, amen

Juliana Ding from Facebook said...

Tot was real blooms

Katie Foong: Ya, looks like it