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Sunday, 7 September 2014


Some like it plain
Some like it with filling
Some like it with cheese toppings

Whichever type you like
You will surely like its supersoft texture

230g milk
50g whisked egg + some for egg wash
50g sugar
5g salt
13g milk powder
300g bread flour
40g superfine flour
5g instant yeast
35g butter

1) put all ingredients into bread machine, bread dough cycle 1:30 hrs
2) knead to form a ball and refrigerate 12-16 hours
3) divide into 50g balls, let rise until double
4) brush with egg wash
5) bake in  preheated oven 175'C for 15-20min

1) if you like it with filling: 
    please refer to : christines's bacon and cheese bun

2) if you like it with cheese topping:
    just roll the dough into a square & cut into 1" strips
    & sprinkle cheese on top


Daljit Kaur said...

Just leave it out to rise?? Tq

Katie Foong said...

Yes. Make sure it rise until double in size. Then only you bake it!

Melissa Ho Lee Cheen from Facebook said...

Good morning Katie Foong! Nice bake
September 29 at 11:12am

Katie Foong: Good morning, my grandson' s Favourite.
September 29 at 11:13am

Melissa Ho Lee Cheen: Yummy!
September 29 at 11:14am

Laila Ratnam from Facebook said...

Good morning, very nice n your grandson must be very happy too.
September 29 at 11:18am

Katie Foong: Yes, indeed he is
September 29 at 1:22pm

Yeong Chew Woh from Facebook said...

Thank you for sharing. Such beautiful buns.
September 29 at 12:51pm

Katie Foong: You are welcomed
September 29 at 1:23pm