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Sunday, 7 September 2014


' SI YANG ' in Foochow dialect is 'Tang Yuan'
These are prepared during 'Deong Zai',
to mark the beginning of winter season.

Tang Yuan or Si Yang are little round balls
which signifies complete & togetherness
as such these are cooked in occasions like Weddings or New Year Re-union

My mom
is among the older generation 
who believes that
it is a way of showing filial piety by giving the parents 
these little glutinous balls
called Si Yang

Instead of serving these glutinous rice ball in sweet ginger/pandan syrup,
Foochow people like to serve them DRY

Soya bean is first fried and then ground into powder
with sugar being added to give sweetness
This is used as a dusting powder for the glutinous rice balls
to prevent them from sticking together

Soya Bean powder (SI HOON) Recipe
200g soya bean fried in a kuali
                           or baked in oven for 30min @150'C turning at least twice
When the beans are cooled, ground to powder
& kept in an airtight container to be used later
Sugar is then added to give sweetness

SI YANG Recipe
100g glutinous flour
90g water

1) make a well in the flour
2) slowly mix in water to form a soft dough, not sticky dough!
3) form into a ball, cover & left aside for 2 hours or refrigerate overnight
4) roll into small balls
5) cook in boiling water until the SI YANG floats
6) mix 10 Tbsp soya bean flour & 10 Tbsp castor sugar
7) drain the glutinous ball & pour into the soya bean mixture to coat
8) serve hot

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