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Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Looking out from the window of an aeroplane:  

  •   Amazed that we are flying in this endless stretch of light blue sky 
  •   Who put the sun, the moon in their places among these floating cloud  
  •   Who cares for the birds flying in the air, way below our eyes could see 
  •   He is the Almighty God who created the Heaven and the Earth  
  •   For as high as the Heavens is above the Earth so great is His love for us  
  •   As far as the East is to the West He readily forgives our sins   

Looking out from the window of the Cruise Ship:
  •    Overwhelmed by the wide stretch of deep blue sea that knows no depth   
  •    Who is He that calms the sea, even the wind and the storm listen to Him   
  •    Who put the fish in the sea that we can freely feed on   
  •    God gives wisdom to the engineers to enable the ship to remain afloat   
  •    He is faithful and He will never leave us nor forsake us   
  •    He wants to give us His best but the choice is ours to accept   

Looking out from the Observation Deck:
  •    Astonished with the architecture of the gigantic skyscrapers and bridges   
  •    Nestling in front of the rolling hills,  supported by the mountains behind    
  •    Attracted to the colorful flower beds framed with greens here and there   
  •    Who cares for such beauty everywhere that we tend to ignore  
  •    People in the streets, in their cars and inside these buildings   
  •    Ever wonder who cares for these people forever rushing and chasing   

Looking down from Heaven:
  •    I am the God the Creator and the Engineer of the Universe  
  •    I care for the birds in the air and the fishes in the sea   
  •    No creatures in the land is left out, not even the lilies in the field   
  •    How much more I care for you whom I call to be my own  
  •    I gave my one and only son just to reconcile you back to me   
  •    I'm waiting with outstretched arms, 
  •    the Heaven will rejoice if you accept me 


Pearl Wee from Facebook said...

Beautiful words. Did you write them? 👍

Katie Foong Yes, by God's grace

Dolly Khaw from Facebook said...

Nice & sweet words

Katie Foong: Thank you.

Lee Chia from Facebook said...

Sis Katie Foong so bless to read the words.
May you continue to shine for Him

Katie Foong: God is good, all the time. Praise Him.

Yvonne Thong from Facebook said...

Amen! Beautiful words Katie Foong, Praise the Lord :-)

Katie Foong: Amen. Great is our God !

Adelinealy Lim from Facebook said...

Awesome! Awesome! Praised The Lord.

Katie Foong: Praise the Lord God Almighty!

Helen Kim from Facebook said...

Praise to our Almighty God

Katie Foong: Praise Him, He is worthy of all praise.