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Thursday, 21 March 2013


Parents should be very careful about how they speak TO and ABOUT their children.  Being a parent is an awesome responsibility.  God attaches authority to the parental role.  As parents, couples have authority over the lives of their children until they are old enough to lead their own lives. Because of this authority, the parents' words can greatly ENCOURAGE or DISCOURAGE a child.  The words of parents can HEAL or WOUND.

When a child has been emotionally wounded by a teacher or another child, the parent can be used by God to help the child recover quickly and to restore his or her confidence.  However, harsh words, or words that lack understanding, can deepen the wound even more.

When children make mistakes, which will occur thousands of times during the childhood years, parents need to know how to "train them up" (Prov. 22:6 KJV), how to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Epf. 6:4 KJV).

It is very important that parents not make a child feel STUPID, or CLUMPSY, or like a FAILURE.  If they are not wise with their words, this can easily occur.

Children are fragile. To a certain degree, they are tender in their young years.  In the formative years, it is vital that parents help them feel secure and loved.  Today many parents have tremendous problems and pressures of their own that often they do not take the time to minister to their children concerning their challenges.  There is tendency to think, "that's just kid stuff, I have some real problems to attend to."

If you have children, when they are hurting, remember to speak "a word in season" to them, a word that will HEAL and ENCOURAGE them.

Sharing from,"Me And My Big Mouth" by Joyce Meyer

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