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Thursday, 31 January 2013


Ever since I started to learn baking,
I have been trying to bake these little crunchy white biscuits

which melt in the mouth but not in your fingers!

I tried many recipes,
both written and from words of mouth of elders...

After years of searching and trying,
finally I GOT it!

I have to give special thanks to my sister-in-law's family in Penang.
Ah Gaik Chi gave me this recipe and some invaluable tips.
My sister-in-law's mom took the trouble to buy me these wooden moulds!

And these are my little white biscuits which melt in the mouth!

Kuih Bangkit

500g tapioca flour
500g sago flour 
3 pandan leaves (cut)

100g icing sugar
2 egg yolk (use only egg yolk)
100ml santan (use top layer cream only)

1) fry together tapioca flour, sago flour & pandan leaves until light
    & set aside for 2-3 days! 
    It is ready when the flour becomes so light that it flies as you
    lift the spatula, and the pandan leaves become crispy.
    Keep the flour covered for 2-3 days to cool down.

Please take note:
the flour
that goes into the kuali for frying is lumpy,
the pandan leaves are green

After frying 1/2 an hour or so
the flour becomes loose and limp, very light
flying all over as you lift it with the laddle
the pandan leaves are dry & crispy

2) sift 320g flour from the batch
3) beat egg yolks & add sugar, whisk until WHITE
4) stir in santan cream & strain the mixture
5) slowly by the spoonfuls, add liquid to flour to bind
    When the flour starts to come together, STOP adding more liquid,
    use fingers to knead to form a FIRM dough. No need to knead so long, 
    as over kneading will cause the cookies to become hard!
6) cover & let the dough rest while you prepare the baking sheet
7) line baking sheet with parchment paper
8) roll dough out & cut into shapes or press into moulds & knock out
9) 'wind' or air the cookies awhile before baking
10) bake in preheated oven of 170'C for 20-25min.

Important Notes:
1) make sure the flour is perfectly dry & cooled
2) leave the santan to stand awhile before taking the top layer cream 
     because some santan is sold with added water.
3) the dough must be Firm, not soft! 

Joeen Chew's
Kuih Bangkit
made with 50 year old molds

Lovely butterflies & bees with red dotted eyes

Well done Joeen Chew!


Siew Ing Chew from Facebook said...

Sitting down whole day doing it backache i tried it before

Katie Foong Haha! That's what I did yesterday!

Maria Bee T q dear Katie for the wonderful

Che Che from Facebook said...

CNY is coming, thanks for sharing your lovely kuih bangkit recipe,
Katie.My favourite !

Katie Foong: Good you like it. Make sure your santan is saturated,
no water has been added while extracting !

Che Che: My appreciation for your valuable tips, Katie.

Siew Peng Tan from Facebook said...

Thanks Katie for sharing. I have never baked this cookie
but dying to try.

Katie Foong: Good . Make sure you follow the instructions
to the detail. Pm me during office hours if you need to
contact me. I do not have wifi at home ....

Siew Peng Tan: OK, tq

Cynthia Ong from Facebook said...

Made some last weekend. My sis asked not to make them too fragile
but they still are and melt in the mouth. Most laborious biscuits
to make.

Siew Peng Tan: Ya, I agree, but nowadays u can't get good ones in
d market. We have to get our hands dirty to bake our own, lol

Katie Foong: Love it

Katie Foong: Siew Peng Tan even my 8 yr old grand son said so! He said mama's is the best, putting his 2 thumbs up!

Evelyn Low from Facebook said...

One of the traditional cny cookies that is so hard to master. I tried making it once but it was so hard and didn't melt in the mouth. Dare not try to make again. Tq Katie Foong for sharing your recipe. How should the dough look like? Do you have a photo of the dough?

Katie Foong: Oops I forgot to take a photo of the dough! It should not be fully binding, and it must be quite dry. I think this is the most difficult part in making this kuih . To cover the dough with a damp cloth while resting the dough plays a part too. Happy trying!

Teresa said...

Hi. May I know where did you get the wooden moulds? Thank you.

Katie Foong said...

You can get it from the crockery shops that sell plates & bowls.

Joeen Chew's message (pm) said...

Hi Katie
Today I just try out tapioca biscuits,
I am not to sure how wet the dough should be
I almost put all the liquid left only 2 tbls .
Should it be more wet ? When put on mold is not so smooth to get the print.

When is not brown enough it could taste flourish.
I baked longer it taste soft crunch and melted is yumm.. tqvm๐Ÿ˜‹

Katie Foong: Hi, the photo shows the correct texture. You are not suppose to mix everything at one go, but in batches so that it will not dry up.

Joeen Chew: Oh.. mix half of it? Yes you are right when I get to the end abit dry n I added the last two spoon of liquid

Katie Foong: Very good attempt! Do you have a photo of the baked biscuits?

Joeen Chew: Okok

Katie Foong: Wah so nice! Your butterflies have eyes too.
May I have your permission to put the photo in my blog?
Bees also, haha

Joeen Chew: These molds very antique
Sure my pleasure!

Katie Foong: 50 yrs old, from your mom?

Joeen Chew: Mother inlaw

Katie Foong: Nowadays you cannot find so nice molds anymore. No more craftsman so skillful .

Joeen Chew: Or maybe more years? ?

Katie Foong: These are the things that we take pride in inheriting, haha!

Joeen Chew: Ya no more in thr market, actually I did buy more molds but didn't turn out good. Either too thin or parts breaking when baked

Katie Foong: As you can see my molds do not hold so much dough.,
so not so nice!
Very thin as you have said. So it breaks easily. Thank you for letting me post your photo.

Regina Lim from facebook said...

Still lots of improvement to master this kuih bangkit. Do really love the taste. Thanks for sharing Katie Foong ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
Image may contain: plant and food
Image may contain: plant and food

Katie Foong said...

Great! Glad you love it.