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Monday, 15 October 2012


This is my second visit to this city of banyan trees.
It is the capital of Fujian province in China.

A scenic city surrounded by 3 mountains: Yu San, Gu san & Qingyun San


and a beautiful Minjiang River

Right within the city is a well protected ancient district, 

the "Three-lane Seven-alley" which gives an insight into the architecture
& culture of ancient Fuzhou.

Here we can also find the authentic Fuzhou snacks like:

 Meat Yan
                                              Fuzhou Fishball

Nearby is the century old restaurant, Juchunyuan, offers a wide
variety of Fujian and Fuzhou cuisine, especially the world famous

More Fuzhou Delicacies:

Modern urban developments include large complexes which provide for

commerce, finance and shopping.

We climbed this mountain:

Taimu San

Fuzhou is indeed a city blessed with abundance of fresh seafood
Not forgetting the natural hot springs the city is built on!

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