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Friday, 16 November 2012


A family trip of the FOONGs

6 brothers and sisters came together
to visit their ancestral home

in "Chi Ping", as the name denotes,

 a village beside the plains of this little stream. . .

A 16-seater took the group out of the busy Fuzhou City,
driving towards the direction of "Ku Tian".
On the way, passing through "Kan Zir" and "Pai Sar",
among the many small towns and villages.

The journey continued and then exit to the hilly regions.
It was a bumpy journey up the hill,
driving along the narrow and  winding cement roads....

Mud houses like these were found scattered on the hill slopes.


Are we there yet?
Some already feeling giddy and feel like vomitting.

The driver suddenly alerted everyone, "No through road!"

In shock!
everyone look out of the windows...
we were at the peak of the hill!

we reached the house already!

Wow! So BIG!

See, there were many guests' rooms upstairs!

Like to try
balancing yourself up these stairs to reach your room?

Ladies, see the luxury of owning such a big kitchen?

Not too difficult balancing on this plank though,
it is definitely not our choice
if we need to ease ourselves!

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