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Sunday, 13 October 2013



For this cake, we need a 10" sponge cake
Recipe for sponge cake

1 sponge cake 10" - sliced 1/2 horizontally

A) 1.5 Tabsp gelatine
         3 tsp instant jelly
     100g water

B) 300g milk
       75g instant custard

C) 200g mango - shredded

D) 150g whipping cream

E) Optional topping: Pistachio Nuts - grounded

1) sprinkle gelatine & instant jelly onto 100g water
2) double boil to dissolve, keep warm
3) whisk milk & instant custard until thicken
4) add mango strips and keep aside
5) whip cream until stiff, add A, B & C
6) spread filling onto bottom layer of cake
7) cover with top layer of sponge cake
8) spread remaining filling on top & level
9) sprinkle side with topping if using
10) freeze 

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