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Monday, 24 July 2017



is Kefir grains cultured in Fresh Milk.

Its taste comes from the milk you use.
So, you will get what you feed the Milk Kefir grains.

Fruit juices
or freshly cut fruits
can be added for varieties in flavour

These probiotic drinks are similar
if not better than Yogurt Drink sold in the Supermarkets

If left to ferment further, you will get a thicker version, yogurt

If longer still, the milk will separate from whey
you will get cheese instead, if given time to drip....

Milk separates from Whey

Dripped 1 day in fridge, you get cheese!
Whey is the green colour water on the right.

I am yet to find out the uses of Whey

Haha, looks interesting?

To culture Milk Kefir
1 tsp milk kefir grains 
500ml fresh milk

1) add milk kefir grains to fresh milk
2) cover with a cloth secured with rubber band
3) leave at room temperature for 1 night
4) next day, chuck in fridge for another day or two
5) strain the grains & transfer the grains to freshly prepared milk
6) the remaining milk is chilled as drink. Fruit can be added here.

1) if milk kefir is left in an aircond room with constant temperature
     you will get a smooth texture of tau huey

To make Kefir Cheese
1) leave the milk kefir in fridge until it separates into milk & whey as shown above
2) strain & remove the grains, pour the milk kefir into a muslin cloth lined container
     to drip. Leave overnight in the fridge.
3) the thick mass is Kefir cheese which you can use to make spread or baking


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