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Monday, 24 July 2017


There is nothing to shout about 
when we bake a cheese cake
made with kefir cheese is something that we may feel accomplish

I forgot to take a shot before cutting
and here it is
Kefir Cheese Cake

Kefir Cheese Cake
(A) 75g Kefir cheese
      20g fresh milk
      50g butter

(B) 3 eggs, separated
      1/4 tsp cream of tartar
      50g sugar

(C) 50g superfine flour, sifted

1. double boil to melt (A) and leave to cool
2. when cooled, beat in egg yolk & leave aside
3. whip egg white, add cream of tartar & sugar until stiff peaks
4. mix 1/2 meringue to cheese mixture until combine
5. then transfer the lot and mix gently into the meringue, fold in sifted flour
6. pour into lined pan, knock pan on counter to release trapped air bubbles
7. steam bake 160"C for 50min


Jane Tan from Facebook said...

The healthiest cheesecake!Yummy~I wonder where to obtain the milk kefir cheese? do you nurture milk kefir?

Katie Foong: Yes, culture milk kefir, then get the cheese http://my-humblekitchen.blogspot.my/2017/07/milk-kefir.html

Katie Foong: can pass you some if you happen to be in town

Jane Tan: Katie Foong thanks in advance.. I will arrange it..

Avril Tan Jennin from Facebook said...

There is nothing healthy if cheese and sugar combines...
it is definitely sinfully good.

Katie Foong: Haha! can put on weight too....

Avril Tan Jennin: Yup....I know. I bake a lot and I m gaining weight
because I try a piece or two each time something comes out of the oven.

Katie Foong: Avril Tan Jennin me2, just 1 slice from the picture above.

Avril Tan Jennin: One slice will do enough damage....
I just made 60 macarons & 40 pieces of Madeleine's.

Katie Foong: Avril Tan Jennin These are loaded with sugar! Oh dear!

Avril Tan Jennin: Ya..but I cut down sugar by half...still quite sweet.
It's ok - my kids have guest tomorrow.

Chooi Fong Looi from Facebook said...

Wholesome goodness. Bravo!

Katie Foong: Love cheesy

Vanessa Cheah from Facebook said...

Ko Woan Chyi.. you can try this

Katie Foong: How about you?

Vanessa Cheah: I need to learn how to make kefir first 😊
Haha ·

Katie Foong: Vanessa Cheah Just pm if you need help.

Vanessa Cheah : 👌

Michell Loh from Facebook said...

may i know where can get kefir grain? interested to make milk kefir.

Katie Foong: Great! I can bless you (FOC) when you collect from me,
just pm me, thank you.