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Friday, 28 July 2017


Gluten Free Bread
made with Gluten Free Sourdough
takes much patience 

I made Gluten Free Sourdough from scratch
and thereby adapted this recipe
(I reduced the recipe to 1/3)
of Laurie Smith from Baking Magique

The list of ingredients may be long
it gives me much excitement in shopping for the ingredients

The colour and fragrant comes from 
buckwheat & brown rice

The texture is on the dense side
crumbs is soft and does not break away when cut

Sharing with you..

Gluten Free Sourdough Bread
(A) 27g brown rice flour
      37g water

(B) 116g water 
      6g psyllium husk
      3g ground golden flax seeds

(C) 20g each of 
      - sorghum flour (cannot get in my place, I replace with gluten free flour blend)
      - oat flour
      - buckwheat flour
      - corn starch
      - potato starch
      8g sugar
      1/3 tsp salt

1. In the morning, mix (A), cover & leave aside for 8-12 hrs
2. In the late afternoon, mix (B) to gel form
3. In separate bowl combine (C)
4. In a mixer with dough hook, mix (A) and (B)
5. blend in dry ingredients until flour is fully incorporated
6. transfer to floured work surface & shape into a loaf
7. get ready a proofing basket lined with a tea towel, sprinkle bucket wheat flour on towel
8. put dough into the proofing basket, fold the towel over & place basket in a plastic bag
9. allow to rise for 4-6 hours until almost double
10. preheat oven 200'C with baking pan & a small bowl of water inside
11. score bread and bake covered for 30min
12. open cover & bake for another 20min 
13. cool for at least 1 hr before cutting

I like this scoring


Anna Leong from Facebook said...

Thanks for sharing...another good bread...will do definitely😘😘😘

Katie Foong: Oh, this is gluten free. I think only gluten intolerant
people will appreciate it. We are familiar with bread made from wheat flour, so you may not like its texture. Anyway, this is a small loaf,
no harm trying. God bless.

Anna Leong: Thanks for ur info...ya i know d texture will b coarse...but good for diabetis pt

nur anis Kamam said...

Where did u bought the buckwheat? I never seen in the organic store

Katie Foong said...

I bought the buckwheat from organic shop and blend it before using.