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Sunday, 2 July 2017


A combination of Sourdough and Yeast Water
produces soft and fragrant bread

Special thanks to Adelinealy Lim
for the recipe and guidance

This recipe produces 2 loaves as shown in the photos above

There was hydration problem during my 1st bake
but it still gave me 2 wonderful loaves in 2 loaf pans
as shown here

Still good isn't it?

If you like to try your hands on it, here is the recipe shared by Adelinealy Lim

Adelinealy Wholemeal SD Loaf
A) 50g grape yeast water/water
     100g HP flour
     50g SD starter

B) 200g stiff starter from (A)
     250g HP flour
     70g wholemeal flour
     250g water/yeast water
     40g sugar
1) mix (A) and rest in RT until double/overnight
2) mix (A) & (B) in BM for 10min, autolyse 1 hour
3) after 1 hr add 1&1/4 tsp salt 
4) add 64g active SD (optional, as a booster)
5) knead in BM for 30min, transfer to a square container
6) after 45min, snf 2X @ 45min interval
7) cold retard in fridge for 20 hours
8) pre-shape - rest 30min
9) shape - final proof 3.5hrs 
10) preheat oven 30min & bake covered @ 250'C for 20min
11) open cover & bake another 20min @ 200'C

1. temp. & timing can be adjusted according to your oven performance
2. tent bread if necessary



Adelinealy Lim from Facebook said...


Katie Foong: Thank you. It was achieved with much of your patience and love.

Adelinealy Lim: God bless.

Jessie Tee from Facebook said...

Well baked!

Katie Foong: Thank you

Jessie Tee: It's a delicious bread goes with anything.

Katie Foong: Jessie Tee Fully agree with you, thanks

Angie Yew from Facebook said...

Great job Katie Foong

Katie Foong: Thank you. Working very hard on Sourdough, haha!

Dolly Khaw from Facebook said...

Lovely bake & thank for sharing too

Katie Foong: Thank you. The credit goes to Adelinealy Lim

Rosalind Chiew from Facebook said...


Katie Foong: Thank you. It is soft inside & crusty outside, haha!

Rosalind Chiew: Delicious Katie Foong