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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


An easy Sourdough Loaf
with the help of a Bread machine

Of course, you can omit the Roll Oats Topping 
if you prefer it plain

Sourdough Rolled Oats Soft Loaf
100g Sourdough
230g bread flour
20g raw rolled oats
30g brown sugar
160g (1 egg+fresh milk)
20g butter
1 tsp salt

Day 1
1. knead all ingredients to form a dough, cover & leave aside 60min
2. knead to de-gas, cover & leave in fridge 15-24 hours
Day 2
3. thaw dough @ RT for 40min
4. shape & put into a loaf pan, proof 3 hours until 2.5 in size
5. egg wash loaf & sprinkle roll oats on top, press in oats
6. bake in pre heated oven 175.C for 40min

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