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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


De-hydrated Sourdough

To revive:
20g dry sourdough

Day 1
1. mix 20g dry sourdough in 20g of water (equal amount of water & dry sourdough)
2. stir well, cover loosely with the cap of the bottle.
3. leave aside for 12 hours
4. after 12 hours - give it a good stir, add 40g water & 40g bread flour
6. stir well & leave aside for 12 hours

Day 2
1. take out 50g of the sourdough to feed & keep the rest in the fridge, covered
2. feed the sourdough with equal amount of water and bread flour 
3. leave aside for 8-12 hours
4. take out 50g sourdough from the batch & feed again
5. keep on removing & feeding until you see an active sourdough, i.e. a lot of bubbles

To feed:
with equal weight of sourdough, water and flour i.e.
50g sourdough starter
50g water
50g bread flour

1) sourdough is ready for baking 
     a. when it rises to more than double its original volume within 3 hours
     b. if you scoop some sourdough to put in a cup of water, it will float (float test)

2) if you receive wet sourdough starter, just start with the feeding regime.

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