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Sunday, 4 June 2017


Fruit yeast starter 
an alternative natural leavening for bread
other than Sourdough.

With the guidance of members 
Fermenting And Baking With Wild Yeast Water
I have successfully produced an active apple yeast water
which I gladly share here.

Apple Yeast Water
2 apples, chopped or grated (better with skin on)
500ml water
4 tsp raw cane sugar
 Active Apple Yeast water on the 3rd day

1st fermentation with Bread flour

1. mix all ingredients & give it a good shake
2. cover & leave aside to ferment
3. next day, open the cover to let gas out, shake the bottle at least twice a day
4. repeat (3) for 2nd, 3rd & 4th day until you see a lot of bubbles
5. take out 100ml apple yeast water, mix with 100g bread flour, stir vigorously
    and leave aside until double in volume
6. once double, remove 1/2 & feed the remaining with 100ml apple yeast water
    & 100g bread flour. Leave aside to ferment until double before using as 
    leavening for bread

I used this natural leavening for a soft loaf, 
referring to Adelinealy's Grape Yeast starter soft Milk Loaf

Apple Yeast Starter Soft Milk Loaf
a) 250g HP flour
    50g AP flour
    40g thickened cream/yoghurt/whipping cream
    40g milk 
    1 egg
    6 Tbsp apple yeast water
    100g active apple yeast starter from above
    2 Tbsp milk powder

B) 1/4 tsp salt
     35g butter

Day 1
1. mix (A) in a bread machine, dough cycle 30min
2. 1/2 way, add salt & butter
3. transfer to a greased container to proof at RT 60min, snf 2 times
    @ 30min interval
4. retard in fridge for 12 hours

Day 2
5. thaw at RT 2 hrs, snf 2X @ 30min interval
6. preshape & rest 15min
7. Shape & FP 2 hrs @ RT
8. do a finger test, score loaf & bake covered for 25min @ 200'C
9. remove lid & bake @ 175'C for another 25min
10. Tent loaf if it turns too dark

for same day bake, I jump from No.3 to 6


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